Another year brought another exciting challenge for some of our seventh grade students as they competed in the annual Seventh Grade History Mercantilism game.

Mercantilism is an important concept which helps explain why countries like England and France would attempt to develop colonies around the world. With this in mind, the Mercantilism game was created to afford students the opportunity to experience how countries in 17th Century Europe aimed to gather resources to make money. In the game, every student works with a group representing a country and through a series of turn-based actions, compete for resources to make money.

This year, groups representing colonial powers Spain, England, and others were able to pull away from their competition. By strategically focusing on high value resources like gold, silver, furs, and silk, winning teams successfully traded their way to victory!

The Mercantilism game is always popular among the students. One seventh grader, Coleman Blazer, recalls, “It was cool to compete and work with my team and see what it was really like back in those times.” When asked if he would play it again, Blazer responded, “For sure.”


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