The Tipton Run Club is looking forward to its 11th annual Super Bowl Talking Heads Avoidance Run on February 2, and invites local runners to join in.

More details will emerge ahead of the planned afternoon run with a potluck tailgate to follow. In previous years, Bill Harshman of the Tipton Run Club said that “football discussion was minimal” during the event.

“I always look forward to this day,” said Amy Brisbin of Tyrone, club participant, following last year’s event. Another club participant said she would be calling off of work this year to take part in a “great day.”

Many have said that during the past 10 years, it has always been a “great run with friends,” “great company” and a “great day” with a “great turnout.”

“No need to watch the boring pre-game talk fest when you can run with the Tipton Run Club,” said Harshman in years past.

So far, discussion has been to meet around 1 p.m. at the Northern Blair Rec Center for a five-mile run on River Road, and tailgating at the Rec Center afterwards.

“This is year number 11 to be active and not lured into listening to Super Bowl hype,” said Harshman. “This happens regardless of weather. Join the fun.”

The Tipton Run Club can be found on Facebook for more information and details on the upcoming Super Bowl Talking Heads Avoidance Run. The group, or at least a couple members, get together regularly for runs no matter what the season. Invites and updates are posted to the group page.

Adeena Harbst can be reached at


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