The May 2019 code enforcement report has been released. Marvin Frazell, the borough code enforcement officer, reminds residents that the summer months bring yard sales, but telephone poles are not the appropriate place to advertise. Residents are encouraged to keep their advertisements off of telephone poles as nails and staples are a potential risk to electrical line workers.

As reported in the enforcement report, there were 33 permits issued in April, resulting in an estimated project cost of $171,855 and permit fee revenue for the borough in the amount of $1,614.

On both the 1400 block of Logan Ave. and the 100 block of West 13 St., there are current property maintenance code violations. The resident on Logan Ave. has been notified and has already begun the process of obtaining a permit. The house on West 13 St. was notified of furniture being stored outside of the property.

Property maintenance code violations resulting in citations occurred at the following addresses: 1356-68 Pennsylvania Ave., 1315 Pennsylvania Ave., 2257 Columbia Ave., and 1253 Washington Ave.

Demolition orders previously issued for 822 Washington Ave. and 1562 Logan Ave. are still standing.

There were also property maintenance code violations annotated in the report. At the following addresses, the owner has been notified of rubbish violations and successfully gained compliance: the 1100 block of Lincoln Ave., the 1200 block of Lincoln Ave., the 1300 block of Blair Ave, the 100 block of West 11 St., the 600 block of Washington Ave., the 600 block of Washington Ave., two separate residences of the 700 block of Washington Ave. The 100 block of 7 St., and the 100 block of West 11 St. Additionally, a residence on the 1500 block of Logan Ave. was notified of a window violation and has successfully gained compliance.

Pending property maintenance code violations were listed at the following addresses: 900 block of S. Logan Ave., 700 block of Washington Ave., 1500 Block of Logan Ave., 800 block of Washington Ave., 1300 block of Cameron Ave., 1300 block of Lincoln Ave., 200 block of W. 10th St., 1200 block of Lincoln Ave., the 1300 block of Blair Ave, and two incidents along S. Lincoln Ave.


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