Summer reading

Youngsters could be found reading all around this summer for the TAES “Rocketing into Learning” reading challenge.

Students in last year’s PreK-4th grade classes at Tyrone Elementary School all had the opportunity to join us on a riveting, rocketing mission with our annual summer challenge. However, this year, we had a neat addition to the challenge and included lots of activities in reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and more!

Through the use of an app called GooseChase, students were able to send in submissions showing evidence of all their summer reading and learning ventures. Game facilitators were able to leave feedback and award bonus points based on creativity and completion of the entire mission. This summer’s theme was chosen to correspond with, not only our newer SOAR SWPBIS initiative, but also the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

After three months of challenges and 104 missions available to complete, students completed a total of 1,206 submissions. Students were challenged to complete some space themed research, observe the moon and the night sky, locate new and unusual places to enjoy a good book, build an “international space station tower,” pretend to walk on the moon while reciting math facts, go on the hunt for shapes, send “messages to the beyond” with sight words and math facts, just to name a few of the many missions offered to students.

With the participation on GooseChase and the Bingo Challenge, we had a total of 79 students participate this summer! Way to go TAES students! These students will get to attend a celebration event to be held in just a few weeks.

Top 10 GooseChase winners for the 2019 “Rocketing into Learning” Challenge:

1st Place Elijah Johnson

2nd Place Sophia Witkamp

3rd Place Caydence Dickson

4th Place Harmony Dickson

5th Place Sarah Chichester

6th Place DJ Doty

7th Place Cindy Kobuck

8th Place Emma Walk

9th Place Ryan Linan Rimmer

10th Place Sage & Jonathan Harbst



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