Bob Dollar

Local historian and author Bob Dollar stands at the Tyrone History Museum with his latest publication. Personal effects from Clarence Frantz, one of the veterans highlighted in the book, are also pictured and are on display now at the history museum.

Local historian Bob Dollar recently published his latest book, “The Long Journey Home,” a historical look at seven World War II flyers in their first and only mission together.

The men fought across North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Volunteers were called to India to fly a support mission for Merrill’s Marauders. The seven took the mission, which would become their last, as were shot down in May of 1944.

Remains were never found until 2001, when a Catholic priest was shown the airplane deep in the dense jungle. A year later, a villager showed the priest dog tags found at the site. Following a search and forensic work, positive DNA was found for three of the men, who were then buried in Arlington National Cemetery in 2010. This is how Dollar found inspiration for his title, “The Long Journey Home.”

Dollar will share more information about his book during a public meeting this week of the Tyrone Area Historical Society at the Tyrone History Museum this Monday, March 18 at 7:15 p.m., beginning with a brief business meeting before Dollar’s presentation. All are welcome.

Dollar previously authored the book, “And the Rest of the Story” in 2016 regarding World War II soldiers and their families.

Dollar said, “I love writing and I’ve been a World War II nut since I was five or six.” As a child, he even asked for a Dwight D. Eisenhower uniform for Christmas one year.

In writing book number two, Dollar found inspiration for a third book, for which he is beginning research. All of his books have ties to Tyrone servicemen or their families.

The books can be purchased from Dollar directly by sending e-mail to Ads ran previously in The Daily Herald.

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