Editor’s note: We hope readers enjoy this poem in celebration of Tyrone’s Irish Heritage, written by Daily Herald columnist Bill Dann.

There’s a place we call home midst the rolling hills

Tucked away along the Juniata’s banks

Born of Irish decent, untiring immigrants

To our God and County Tyrone we give thanks

Hub of the highways where the railroad runs

As it has throughout our rich history

Here limestone was mined and loaded on trains

To be used for the steel industry

With sweat and blood from hard working hands

This paper mill provided a living

We’re blue collar strong when the hours are long

Yet we strive to be caring and giving

Our Irish pride shows when you come to our town

From flag-lined streets her bold colors wave

Orange, green and white for the mother land

Remembering all the sacrifices they gave

Our school colors here mean a lot to us, too

We bleed orange and black for Tyrone

We are golden eagle proud and say it loud

We’re so honored to call them our own

From the Centre County line to Grazierville

Out to Warriors Mark and beyond

Our Irish roots run deep, my friend

We’re connected by an uncommon bond

Some consider this place the pot of gold

That lies at rainbow’s end

For today everyone is Irish

And all who stop here are friends

There is simply no place like Tyrone

We’re all one big family

And when you chance to visit us

We are sure you will wholly agree

And if you should be so lucky

You might see him ‘fore he’s gone

I’m talking about Hannigan O’Flanagan

Tyrone’s elusive leprechaun

Yes today we hail to old Ireland

And raise a toast to the Emerald Isle

May the road rise up to meet you

And may your eyes be wearin’ a smile



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