The Tyrone Township Board of Supervisors met for their monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 13. There, two long-standing issues were addressed, namely the status of the Grange building and the board’s public comment policy.

During last month’s meeting, vice chairman Gary Garofoli stated that the board intended to hold a mitigation meeting to discuss possible plans for the Grange building after has been torn down. According to Garofoli, the board has received a memorandum of agreement from Blair County regarding the property. Part of the mitigation stipulates that the Grange’s sign is to be preserved. However, since then, the sign has been stolen. The board has filed a police report, but there are currently no leads.

It was also stated that, as part of the agreement, within six months, a page will be available on the Tyrone Township’s website that includes the Grange’s history and its significance to the area. Furthermore, the county has agreed to provide funding for an interpretive sign that depicts the regional and agricultural history of the building. Because of its predicted size, it has been decided that the sign is to be erected at Fort Roberdeau Historic Site rather than at the original Grange property.

Documents regarding the township’s new public comment policy were available for those in attendance. At August’s meeting, Garofoli warned that he and supervisor Andy Ellenberger intended to draft a stricter set of rules for the public comment section, and the result is as follows:

  1. One must be a resident or property owner of Tyrone Township in order to address the supervisors.
  2. Each individual who wishes to speak will have five minutes to address the board and the attendees. No individual may speak more than once on the same topic more than once.

Public comment is an opportunity for an individual to state their concerns or opinions on matters that involve the township. It is not a question-and-answer session for the supervisors, employees, or anyone else on the board.

  • Those who wish to speak must stand at the podium in order to address the board and the attendees.
  • If anyone has any questions, they may send an email to a supervisor or the township secretary or make arrangements to speak with them during business hours.
  • The public must be respectful to the board, the employees, representatives of the township, and each other. No one will be permitted to speak while someone else is speaking, including when another member of the public is sharing public comment. Disruptions will not be tolerated.
  • The document concluded by stated that, with these changes, the board hopes that meetings will run more efficiently in the future.

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