Tyrone women jailed


Christy Lee Mengel, 37, of Tyrone, was arraigned Wednesday morning by video before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller on a felony drug warrant that was filed by Tyrone Police following a traffic stop downtown that occurred April 17 at 8:19 p.m.

According to the police affidavit, Tyrone Police conducted the traffic stop in the area of Blair Avenue and East 16th Street near the paper mill. The vehicle was being operated by a white male and there was a white female that was in the front passenger seat. Tyrone Police identified the male as Jason Lewis and the female as Christy Mengel. Both were known to have active warrants through Blair County.

Police had Lewis step out of the vehicle from the driver’s side and then Mengel from the passenger side. As Mengel stepped out of the vehicle police noticed the top of a small plastic baggie in her waistband. Mengel was then directed by police to put her hands on the roof of the car so that she could not attempt to hide the suspected drugs any further.

At first Mengel indicated to police that she did not know what the officer was referring too, but then stated that Lewis had shoved the baggie of suspected crystal meth down her pants during the traffic stop. The suspected bag of crystal meth was placed on the roof of the car and Mengel was then taken into custody and the Blair County Sheriff’s office was also notified.

Tyrone Police then contacted Assistant District Attorney Pete Weeks about the vehicle stop and their findings up to that point. Weeks then provided police with a verbal approval to conduct a search the vehicle and its contents.

Inside Mengel’s purse, police located several smaller wallets/pouches which contained various drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The following items were also recovered from Mengel’s purse: three small plastic zip top baggies of suspected crystal meth, one blue container with a partial “N8” Suboxone strip inside, which Mengel admitted she shoots up, an open suboxone packet containing suspect crystal meth, one glass pipe with residue, 26 small plastic baggies with residue, 86 small plastic baggies, 18 hypodermic needles, many with residue, two Gabapentine yellow capsules in a clear container, one metal spoon with residue, various lighters, straws, Q-tips, cotton balls, alcohol prep pads and an orange tourniquet. Also contained within Mengel’s purse was her wallet, PA ID card and a social security card.

Mengel was transported for her arraignment on charges of manufacture, delivery, possession with intent to deliver substance being unregistered, possession of a controlled substance by unauthorized person, use and possession with intent to use and possess drug paraphernalia and delivery/possession/manufacture with intent drug paraphernalia.

After her arraignment Mengel had her bail set at $20,000 straight cash. Being unable to post bail Mengel was committed to the Blair County Prison. A preliminary hearing date has been set for May 7 at 9 a.m. before Judge Miller.

Information in this report was obtained from official police affidavits and court documents.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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