Several local churches are excited to be bringing the Unaltered Tour (formerly known as the Silver Ring Thing) to Tyrone. The Unaltered Tour is presented by young adults for youth and brings a program with lights, music and a variety of media to present information to engage students. The event is sponsored by several area churches and will be held at Grace Baptist Church Sunday Sept. 29 from 6-8 p.m.

The mission of the tour is “to inspire and equip a generation to experience the fullness of life through the power of the Gospel.”

Sarah Ewing, children’s ministry director for Calvary Church in Tyrone said, “I have taken kids before twice to these events, once in Dubois and once in Lewistown. They were awesome! The focus in the past was primarily on purity, but now they cover a range of topics that kids today need to hear about from people they think are still cool.”

Pastor Micah Laremore, youth pastor for Grace Baptist said that he also attended the event before when it was the Silver Ring Thing. “It is a great message,” he said. People can buy tickets at the door, or pre-order for less. Laremore said that it is appropriate for kids from fifth grade through high school, and that college students are also welcome.

Sponsoring churches include Grace and Calvary, also Hillside Community Church and the Tyrone Alliance Church. Laremore said that a group from Community Worship will attend as well, but that youth from all churches, as well as those without a church, are certainly welcome.

Laremore said, “In high school, relationships become very important. But a lot of times, it’s hard to know what to do. This gives kids a blueprint. They need to make good choices. Sometimes movies, TV, songs are unrealistic. Sometimes even their parents may not be a good example at home. And the choices are important — they can greatly impact the rest of your life.”

According to a press release from Calvary Tyrone, the team of young adults in Unaltered transparently illustrate an “unaltered” life through authentic testimonies, engaging performances and dynamic worship.

This outreach event is designed to be a resource for communities – to start the conversation. It lays a healthy biblical foundation for students that inspires them to live with integrity and influence. At the same time, a special parent session is offered to inform and equip parents on how to navigate the teen years by addressing topics of youth culture, technology, pornography and more.

A message is presented for students to embrace five anchors of living unaltered: Speak Life. Live with Purpose. Love Selflessly. Trust God. Pursue Purity.

See the ad on Page 4 of today’s edition for more details.

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