David Hershey, Spring Mount Percherons

Pictured are David Hershey of Warriors Mark with his team of Percherons a few years ago at the PA Farm Show.

Dave Hershey of Spring Mount Farms, in Warriors Mark, is no stranger when it comes to competitions that are being held at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. This year marked the 103 year for the Pennsylvania Farm Show and once again Hershey could be found in the middle of the many competitions.

Once again, as in years past, this year the competition again paid dividends for Hershey. Hershey captured a third place finish during the six horse hitch competition event. Hershey also received there third place honors for the four horse hitch event as well. But that was not all, as Hershey then entered the Unicorn Hitch event and then captured his third third place award at the end of this competition.

Hershey next entered the team hitch category during the draft horse competition. At the conclusion of this competition Hershey had secured additional honors by taking home a second place finish. An excellent showing by Hershey who will again be returning accolades to Spring Mount Farms, in Warriors Mark.

While at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg Hershey was also able to exhibit “Champ,” the Percheron best breed during the draft horse competition. The trip to Harrisburg also provided Hershey the opportunity to exhibit Champ the Percheron who was named best breed in the draft horse competition.

Finally to top off the trip to Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania Farm Show for 2019, “Champ” was also recognized as the champion gelding.

The Percheron horse is among the gentle giants of the world of horses. The Percheron has had some different uses that have been recorded over the years. The breed was once used as a war horse. Then the Percheron became quite popular, as well as a very powerful, draft horse.

Today this breed of beautiful animals has become equally comfortable being placed under the saddle as well as being in the harness.

One of the competitions that the Percheron exceeds in is during the horse pulling contests. These competitions are a contest of where the Percheron team competes against other teams of horses in pulling weights. There are additional amounts of weights that are then added after awhile increasing the total amount weight that is being pulled by the team off horses.

Percheron horses can stand 16.2 to 17.3 hands high and can weigh anywhere between 1,800 pounds to 2,600 pounds. This is depending on the bloodlines. Percheron breed standards, including body type, color and size do differ from country to country.

Congratulations to Hershey for another successful showing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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