Peter Liese

Peter Liese

Warriors Mark resident Peter Liese will run for Warriors Mark Township Supervisor in the Republican primary this year. Liese said, “I feel we can do some things better.”

Liese explained that for one thing, snow plowing in the Township “has got to improve,” citing the fact that a school bus slid off the road in Warriors Mark earlier this year. He said that day that the “state portion was fine, the township portion was a mess.”

Liese also expressed concern that during a November storm, Firehouse Lane was not plowed. Liese, a retired police officer, had a snow plowing business for 20 years as well as a construction business.

Another area in which Liese would like to see improvement is in the land development process. Liese wants to be able to help families, and to make it easier for them to develop their properties to look out for family members. Liese, himself, wanted to add a small home on his property, and found the land development process to be an unnecessary burden. Liese asked the board for a Granny Pod ordinance, but said, “They’ve done nothing in 14 months.”

Liese grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania. He went to Penn State, earning his bachelor’s degree in law enforcement. He worked as a police officer in Lower South Hampton near Philadelphia for 30 years. He served on the pension board for the police department and understands the importance of money management, he said.

He also served as the community police coordinator, ran the DARE program, served on the town watch, served as a liaison with the school district, and was a firearms instructor as well as the armorer for the police department. Liese ran the court diversion program for first time juvenile offenders.

An avid hunter, fisherman and kayaker, Liese always loved the area, and bought property in Warriors Mark in 2006. He built his home and moved here permanently with his wife, Lisa in 2014.

Liese is already active in the Warriors Mark community as the vice president of the Warriors Mark Township Historical Society and a member of the Zoning Hearing Board. He wants to become more involved and plans to stay here, he said. He said that he will be doing the campaign all on his own and is not accepting any money nor forming a committee.

Liese said, “You can’t please everybody in the Township, but I want to use a common sense approach. You don’t see that all the time.”

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