An area woman faces a preliminary hearing on Aug. 4 after police responded to a theft in progress as from Family Dollar, 215 Jefferson Ave., Tyrone.

Carrie A. Miller, 37, of Altoona was charged by Tyrone Police on July 15 with third-degree felony criminal attempt of retail theft, and third-degree felony retail theft.

At the scene, Miller was reportedly shopping and talking on a phone. Police escorted Miller to the front of the store and allowed her to pay for a cart full of items. According to reports, she was visibly upset and was still speaking on the phone.

A store employee indicated Miller had been in the store for 90 minutes. The employee reportedly found an opened bag of socks and other opened items being left behind in different locations throughout the store. A red box for razor burn cream was found on a shelf without the bottle inside.

Police observed Miller holding the cream in her hand as she paid for other items. She reportedly told the employe that the cream was hers; she then claimed she was holding it because it fell out of the box.

Miller was found to be on state parole and was to have a visit with a probation officer on July 16. At the time, Miller was released pending further investigation. A criminal history check identified two prior convictions.

Miller turned herself in at District Court 24-3-01 on July 20.

Information in this article was obtained from court documents.


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