Well, here we are again, on the eve of the high school football season. Every year I say it with how fast summer goes, but it’s hard to believe it’s time for football.

With the start of the season comes The Daily Herald’s weekly football picks. This year, the prognosticators will be Daily Herald sports writer Kerry Naylor, Daily Herald advertising representative Heather Alexander, a guest picker, and myself.

Like last year, we will be picking each Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis game on Friday, each Penn State and Pitt game on Saturday, and each Steeler and Eagle game on Sunday (or Thursday or Monday, or whenever the NFL says they play).

Penn State and Pitt start next week, and the Steelers and Eagles begin the regular season in two weeks. In the meantime, for this week, I put four high school games and one college game this week on the docket. Hey, the college game is a big one in Miami-Florida.

Since the first game seems to be a rivalry week for many schools, I also selected three other games of high schools that are only separated by a few miles, just like Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis.

This week’s guest picker is John Cook, publisher of The Daily Herald.

Here are the games of the week:

Andy Stine (0-0): Tyrone 20, Bellwood-Antis 14; West Branch 35, Philipsburg-Osceola 14; Clearfield 30, DuBois 21; Hollidaysburg 28, Altoona 13; Florida 38, Miami 24.

Kerry Naylor (0-0): Tyrone 21, Bellwood-Antis 14; West Branch 28, Philipsburg-Osceola 8; Clearfield 29, DuBois 21; Altoona 17, Hollidaysburg 10; Miami 30, Florida 27.

Heather Alexander (0-0): Tyrone 21, Bellwood-Antis 10; West Branch 28, Philipsburg-Osceola 7; Clearfield 17, DuBois 13; Hollidaysburg 24, Altoona 7; Florida 27, Miami 17.

John Cook (Guest picker 0-0): Tyrone 21, Bellwood-Antis 14; Philipsburg-Osceola 14, West Branch 7; DuBois 21, Clearfield 20; Hollidaysburg 14, Altoona 13; Florida 27, Miami 17.


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