Co-ed Youth Develpmental Basketball League

3rd & 4th Grade

Week 3

Premier Pest Control;3;0

Stiffler McGraw;3;0

Caracciolo Steel & Metal Yard;2;1

Verilla Real Estate;2;1

Shoe Fly;1;2

Parson Copier Care;1;2

Altoona New Balance;0;3

Eckels Plumbing & Heating;0;3

Premier Pest Control 32, Eckels Plumbing and Heating 12

High scorers: Brody Hoover (PPC) 14; Brycen Tanneyhill (EPH) 8.

Stiffler McGraw 10, Caracciolo Steel & Metal Yard 8

High scorers: Reid Schreier, Rylee Woodring (SM) 4; Connor Zupon (CSMY) 6.

Shoe Fly 8, Altoona New Balance 1

High scorers: Sage Harris (SF) 4; Elijah Johnson (ANB) 1.

Verilla Real Estate 23, Parson Copier Care 15

High scorers: Quinn Leeper, Landon Shellenberger (VRE) 8; Karlie Sweigert (PCC) 12.

5th & 6th Grade

Week 2

Michaels Photography;2;0

McFarland Rod Company;2;0

Halen Hardy;0;2

Tuckahoe Valley Disposal;0;2

Michaels Photography 29, Tuckahoe Valley Disposal 12

High scorers: John Stanton (MP) 10; Connor Mayes (TVD) 8.

McFarland Rod Company 16, Halen Hardy 13

High scorers: Eli Woomer (MRC) 8; Carter Gwinn (HH) 5.


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