On May 4-5, the Tyrone Bassmasters traveled to Lake Milton, Ohio for their first two-day tournament of the season.

The weather was bad and the fish were uncooperative. Only 56 fish were brought to the scales the entire weekend by the 18 members attending the tournament. The total weight for the event was 83.43 pounds.

Top honors went to Chad Weaver of Tyrone with a 10-bass limit weighing 13.53 pounds. Chad’s big fish was 2.05 pounds.

Aaron Wright of Tyrone took second place with a 10-bass limit coming in at 12.66 pounds. Aaron’s big fish was 2.36 pounds, which earned him the lunker award for Sunday.

Third place was earned by Sonny Weakland of Tyrone with seven bass totaling 10.95 pounds. Sonny’s big fish was 2.14 pounds.

Lynn Weakland of Tyrone secured fourth place with nine bass tipping the scales at 10.46 pounds. Lynn’s big fish was 1.97 pounds.

Fifth place was grabbed by Metz Weko of Hungry Hollow with nine bass weighing in at 8.54 pounds. Metz’s big fish was 1.35 pounds.

Saturday’s lunker award went to Dan Coccia of Bellwood with his 2.97 pound bass.

The club’s next outing will be held on June 15 at Raystown. It will be a night tournament.

After two tournaments, Weko has a narrow lead for Angler of the Year.


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