A few of my thoughts as we begin to see more light at the end of the tunnel of this nightmare of a pandemic:

- There isn’t the good news yet of Blair County moving to the green phase of re-opening, but logic would tell us that is probably coming pretty soon. I live in Clearfield County, which is going to green on Friday. When Clearfield County moved from red to yellow, Blair County followed the next week. There probably isn’t any good reasoning why the state shouldn’t follow suit with that method this time around.

- Of course, the green phase would mean the return of organized sports. The thought of maybe having some Kelley Federation League baseball to cover this summer has me excited.

- I was just talking to my mother this week about how I only need a few things to return until I’m going to feel like I’m back to normal. Some of my favorite bars and restaurants are going to be back probably very soon. It looks like sports, at the local level and at least some on the national level, will be back sooner than later. After that, the last thing will be to get rid of our masks. I know that probably won’t be for a while yet, and it’s something we all can deal with, but probably that last hurdle of throwing away our masks will be the nail in the coffin of what we call “normal.” And it will probably be our way of declaring victory in the war on the coronavirus, which is something everybody needs and wants.

- I said last week that I was excited to watch a Nascar race last weekend. Well, I guess I lied. I watched a few laps, and realized I just can’t do it. Sorry, racing fans. I tried. I’m still glad you all have at least one of your sports back.

- It looks like hockey is going to be back pretty soon, as well. I lost my interest a few years ago in hockey, but this just might be what I need to return to the sport.

- As happy as I am that hockey looks like it’s on its way back and basketball might not be too far behind, I’m also pessimistic about baseball. The situation about the financial side of returning to the game has gotten pretty ugly. I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter if it’s the owners or the players’ faults if they don’t play baseball this season because of money. They are all going to deserve blame for it. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Figure it out, baseball.

- Although this weekend is the unofficial start of summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about college football in my mind. Ohio State has said that they could allow 20-30,000 fans in Ohio Stadium this year for their games. If the restrictions are relaxed by football season, they could see as many as 40-50,000 fans. We’re going to have to accept that sports aren’t going to look the same for a little while. But if there are sports to watch, I’ll do quarantine all over again until Christmas.

Andy Stine is the sports editor of The Daily Herald. He can be reached at sports@thedailyherald.net.


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