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Members of the Southern Huntingdon County School District board heard from a member of the community and his exploration of various options th…

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Meeting in its monthly voting session Monday evening, the Tussey Mountain School Board gave the green light for the renewal of the district’s …

Sarah Jane Hess, 94, formerly of Three Springs, passed away at…

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Longstanding disagreements about content in school libraries often focus this year on books with LGBTQ themes. Iowa's Republican governor is backing a bill that could result in the removal of books from school libraries in all state districts if they’re successfully challenged in any one of them. School boards and legislatures nationwide also are facing questions about books and considering making it easier to limit access. One transgender parent in Iowa says it's a symptom of a backlash from those who hope limiting discussion will return American society to an era that didn’t acknowledge people with different sexualities.

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When the suburbs boomed after World War II, the Callery pear tree was chosen to line their many miles of tree-lined streets. It had beautiful flowers and foliage, grew quickly and was hardy. Over time, however, problems surfaced. The Callery pear's flowers stank, its branches flew off in the wind, and it had a nasty habit of spreading to where it wasn't wanted. Now it's being banned in some states as an invasive species. Controlling Callery pears is difficult because of their extensive root system. You can dig them out if you remove every last bit of that. Otherwise, stay on top of the tree's growth by removing suckers regularly. And there are plenty of beautiful native tree species to plant in the Callery pear's place.

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