Trophy Mountain Lodge

Trophy Mountain Lodge in Hartslog Valley is one of the premier wedding locations in Huntingdon County.

Trophy Mountain Lodge is one of the premier wedding locations in Huntingdon County.

Spanning 441 acres of privately owned property in the mountains of Hartslog Valley, the lodge on Williamburg Mountain Road holds church retreats, business meetings and family reunions, and also specializes in weddings.

“Once you see the place, you’ll love it,” said owner Roger Grove. “You have to actually see it, the pictures don’t do it justice.”

With a new wedding hall and affordable prices, Trophy Mountain Lodge is a location to consider if you’re soon to be married.

“We recently built a wedding hall for receptions with brand new tables and chairs,” said Grove. “I would say the pricing is really reasonable and you can do everything right here and stay here. If people are drinking, they have a place to stay the night. And we have a gazebo for outdoor weddings.”

With Raystown Lake just nine miles away, the secluded and spacious location is one of the big draws for those who decide to book their weddings there.

“It’s quiet here. You’re about mile off the road and there’s lots of parking. We have beautiful landscaping and in the summertime, the flowers are blooming which makes it beautiful.” said Grove. “One of the big advantage is it’ll sleep a lot of people. We have 10 bedrooms, two kitchens and a loft, and then we have air mattresses. You could sleep 45 to 50 if you wanted to.

It’s not too late to book a wedding at the lodge this year.

“The summer is mostly taken up at the moment, so the only weekends we have are the last weekend in July and the last two weekends in August. Although, that could change at any time. April and May are fairly open. We have all the weekends in May open right now, too.”

Outdoor amenities include a pond stocked with bass (catch and release only) and a paddle boat, horseshoe pits, volleyball net, picnic tables and benches, hiking trails, swing set, playhouse, sandbox, campfire ring with firewood provided and an outdoor gas grill.

There are three living areas with satellite TV, a family recreation room with a pool table, air hockey and dining tables, as well as free wireless internet and gas and wood fireplaces.

Currently, prices are 30% off for weddings in 2020.

For more information on the lodge, prices and available dates, visit or call 644-1576.

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