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Huntingdon Fiberglass Products


1200 Susquehanna Avenue
Huntingdon, PA 16652
Fax: 814-641-8102
Last Updated: November 19, 2018


About Huntingdon Fiberglass Products

Our vision at HFP is to be an innovative and market focused team, building a growing, global company. The HFP Mission A world-class HFP team serving the global high performance materials market by supplying superior products, technology and services that consistently deliver value as defined by their customers.

About Us

HFP is a growing and innovative company, which has focused on its strength in materials. Strength in materials doesn’t just refer to the inherent strength of the high performance materials we produce everyday. In fact, that is only a small part of the strengths we provide to our customers and to the end use markets that we serve. The New HFP has built its strength in materials strategy around three key components, being a materials solutions provider, a strong customer focus and creating and motivating a world class team. Being a materials solutions provider is all about developing tailored products for our customers that offer them competitive advantage in the marketplace.


HFP has a unique portfolio of products to make the materials solutions concept a reality for customers with a multi dimensional approach to the way that HFP delivers value leadership to its customers. HFP differentiates its products along three major axes, glass chemistry, coating technology and product form bringing a selection of unique features such as small flexible manufacturing platforms, tailored sizings to improve application performance and forming and fabrication process know how to improve quality and performance.



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