Dec. 14, 2018

Leon Sensenig and Ethel Sensenig, grantors, to Kenneth L. Sensenig, Brenda J. Shirk and Grace E. Hoover, property in Cass Township, $1.

Mac E. Bryan, Cherry L. Fisher-Bryan and Cherry L. Fisher Bryan, grantors, to William J. Rossman and Jennifer M. Barto, property in Warriors Mark Township, $49,900.

Adrienne E. Witters, grantor, to Jesse J. Witters, property in Cass Township, $1.

R. Lynn Higgins and Deborah J. Higgins, grantors, to Kevin L. Mills and Connie L. Mills, property in Orbisonia Borough, $70,000.

Ann Marie Woods, Ann M. Woods, Ann Marie Giles and Ann M. Giles, grantors, to Tyler D. Blair and Sasha A. Blair, property in Penn Township, $70,000.

John R. Witman Sr., J. Richard Witman, Jacqueline G. Witman and Jacqueline G. Zimmerman, grantors, to Clint West and Tarryne Webb, property in Tell Township, $150,000.

Neil R. Smith and Nancy A. Smith, grantors, to Warriors Mark Historical Society, property in Warriors Mark Township, $52,000.

Angela R. Berrena and Angela Berrena, grantors, to Michael T. Barr, property in Warriors Mark Township, $196,800.

Gary D. Snyder and Pamela A. Snyder, grantors, to Jay M. Frey Sr. and Julia K. Frey, property in Three Springs Borough, $150,000.

Dec. 17, 2018

Jodi L. Roseborough, grantor, to Kenneth Frye, Brandi Frye, Karen Bucsok and Mark Bucsok, property in Henderson Township, $1.

Robert E. Grajeda Estate, Robert E. Grajeda Sr. Estate, Robert Eugene Sr. Estate, Carolyn Grajeda, Carolyn J. Grajeda, Robert E. Grajeda Jr., Paul Grajeda and Tyler R. Grajeda, grantors, to Carolyn J. Grajeda, property in Rockhill Borough, $1.

Robert E. Grajeda Jr., Tara D. Grajeda and Carolyn J. Grajeda, grantors, to Robert E. Grajeda Jr. and Tara D. Grajeda, property in Cromwell Township, $1.

Ross W. Madden Estate and Robert S. Madden, executor, grantors, to Jeffrey L. Hamman and Marilyn R. Hamman, property in Mount Union Borough, $25,000.

Marshall R. Ross Jr. and Kimberly L. Ross, grantors, to Max W. Moyer, property in Penn Township, $1.

Thomas P. Fouse and Diana L. Fouse, grantors, to Joshua Scott Anders and Jaclyn Leighann Anders, property in Logan Township, $984.

Michael Cairns and Jean D. Parmer, grantors, to Timothy Myers, property in Lincoln Township, $223,500.

Wayne A. Hall and Diane M. Hall, grantors, to Reuben B. Lapp and Mary Ann Lapp, property in Tell Township, $85,000.

Marlene L. Strait Estate, Marlene Louise Strait Estate, Marlene Ord Estate and Gregory A. Jackson, executor, grantors, to Justin D. Boonie and Shirell A. Weaver, property in Huntingdon Borough, $28,000.

Dec. 18, 2018

E. Dean Thomas, Ernest Dean Thomas, Ernest D. Thomas, Patricia A. Thomas by agent/attorney-in-fact, Patricia F. Thomas by agent/attorney-in-fact and E. Dean Thomas as agent/attorney-in-fact, grantors, to Roger D. Thomas and Rhonda L. Thomas, property in Clay Township, $104,000.

Stephen A. Wilson Trust, Stephen A. Wilson, trustee, and Yvonne M. Wilson, trustee, grantors, to Stephen A. Wilson and Yvonne M. Wilson, property in Huntingdon Borough, $1.

Howard J. Lear, Elizabeth A. Lear and Stephanie E. Hemcher, grantors, to Stephanie E. Todaro, property in Mount Union Borough, $1.

Patricia Moroni, grantor, to Erin B. Stansbury, property in Hopewell Township, $192,500.

Paul H. Malla and Amy H.Malla, grantors, to David L. Grove, property in Cass Township, $113,300.

Steven N. Smith Estate and Ashleigh M. Nelson, executrix, grantors, to Brad D. Moore, property in Smithfield Township.

Irene H. Lawry Estate, Irene Elizabeth Horvath Lawrie Estate and Desiree F. Fralick, executrix, grantors to Bradley J. Schmidt, property in Warriors Mark Township, $273,000.

Charles L. Kustenbauder Jr. by agent/attorney-in-fact, Charles L. Kustenbauder by agent/attorney-in-fact, Patricia Ann Kustenbauder by agent/attorney-in-fact, Patricia A. Kustenbauder by agent/attorney-in-fact and Susan Marie Stott as agent/attorney-in-fact, grantors, to Paul M. Rubal and Frances L. Rubal, property in Warriors Mark Township, $195,000.

Dec. 19, 2018

Stephen Joseph Smith and Judith A. Smith, grantors, to Christopher Kobuck, property in Franklin Township, $121,000.

Chad M. Hack, Abby N. Hack and Abby N. Perrin, grantors, to Chad M. Hack and Abby N. Hack, property in Huntingdon Borough, $1.

Gail L. Greenland and Nancy C. Greenland, grantors, to William G. Greenland and Matthew A. Greenland, property in Cass Township, $1.

Elaine E. Winters, grantor, to Jay E. Ziegler, property in Union Township, $168,000.

Eve B. Wright, grantor, to Eve B. Wright, property in Wood Township, $1.

John Wawrose, Stephen Wawrose, Sarah Elizabeth Wawrose, David Wawrose and Wanda Herbert Wawrose, grantors, to Daniel M. Welliver, property in Huntingdon Borough, $800.

Dec. 20, 2018

Patrick J. Lawler and Rosemarie I. Lawler, grantors, to Richard J. Lawler, property in Huntingdon Borough, $1.

Croghan Pike Rentals LLC, grantors, to Croghan Pike Rentals LLC, property in Dublin Township, $1.

US Bank NA, Credit Suisse Seasoned Loan Trust 2006-1, Home Equity Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-1, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, grantors, to CR 2018 LLC, property in Mount Union Borough, $2,100.

CBT Bank and Riverview Bank, grantors, to Donald Lee Rosensteel Jr., property in Mount Union Borough, $14,000.

Pete Shope and Roseann Shope, grantors, to Lynn W. Martz and Melanie D. Martz, property in Wood Township, $10,000.

Kenneth J. Parker Estate and Kathy Brunner, executrix, grantors, to John W. Sewell and Tracy Sewell, property in Huntingdon Borough, $15,000.

Glenda B. Varner, Donald L. Varner, Brenda A. Slodysko, Larry L. Covert, Joyce M. Covert and Betty E. Covert, grantors, to Kyle A. Sunderland, property in Dublin Township, $70,000.

Frank Pandolfino Jr. and Joshua D. Williams, grantors, to Frank Pandolfino Jr., property in Huntingdon Borough, $1.

CR 2018 LLC, grantor, to Joseph E. Stone, property in Huntingdon Borough, $6,000.

Dec. 21, 2018

Jeremy R. Chilcote, grantor, Jeffery D. Wise and Pamela S. Wise, property in Union Township, $2,000.

Glenn E. Bailey and Cathy L. Bailey, grantors, to Stone Valley Real Estate LP, property in Jackson Township, $135,000.

Pauline Ronald Frank by agent/attorney-in-fact, Michael J. Prince as attorney-in-fact, grantors, Jessica A. Anders, property in Shirley Township, $120,500.

Dec. 26, 2018

William B. Goss and Angela Jo Goss, grantors, to William B. Goss, property in Warriors Mark Township, $1.

Evelyn Conner, Etta Jane Bard Estate, Clair Bard, executor, Steve Curfman, Shawnee Curfman, Stanley Curfman and Lisa Curfman, grantors, to Zachery R. Stetchock, property in Todd Township, $49,000.

Dec. 27, 2018

Paul H. Yoder and Sherryl S. Yoder, grantors, to Henry R. Kanagy, property in Brady Township, $150,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Company, grantors, to Joshua Heaster, property in Porter Township, $51,500.

George H. Locke, George Locke Estate, George Herbert Locke Estate, Gordon B. Locke, executor, grantors, to Cheryl L. Cutshall, property in Springfield Township, $127,060.

Dec. 28, 2018

Edwin J. Neff Sr. Estate, L. Stewart Neff, executor, and Holly Petriskey, executrix, grantors, to L. Stewart Neff, property in Warriors Mark Township, $1.

Edwin J. Neff Sr. Estate, L. Stewart Neff, executor, and Holly Petriskey, executrix, grantors, to L. Stewart Neff, property in Warriors Mark Township, $1.

Joshua Edward Bilger, Frederick Dennis Bilger, Thomas Bilger Lift, grantors, to Joshua Henry, property in Shirley Township, $3,250.

Jack D. McCartney Jr., grantors, to Precise Drilling LLC, property in Shirley Township, $1,640.

Jeremy M. Swanger, Crysta A. Brenneman Swanger, Crysta A. Brenneman-Swanger, grantors, to Tyrone C. Snider and Sheila D. Snider, property in Brady Township, $5,500.

Dec. 31, 2018

H. Eugene Hollick and Deborah E. Hollick, grantors, to Hollick Family trust, property in Penn Township, $1.

H. Eugene Hollick and Deborah E. Hollick, grantors, to Hollick Family trust, property in Penn Township, $1.

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania, Girl Scouts Scranton Pocono Council and Hemlock Gil Scout Council Inc., grantors, Johnathan G. Sabella and Timothy E. Sabella, property in West Township, $885,000.

Karr Family Trust, David C. Karr, trustee, and Paige H. Karr, trustee, grantors, to Ehren L. Borst and Justin L. Borst, property in Porter Township, $1.

Harry Matz and Elizabeth Mary Haldeman, grantors, to Elizabeth Mary Haldeman, property in Penn Township, $1.

Dorothy L. Stains by agent/attorney-in-fact and Pamela L. Cohenour as agent/attorney-in-fact, grantors, to Pamela S Cohenour, property in Penn Township, $1.

Dorothy L. Stains by agent/attorney-in-fact and Pamela L. Cohenour as agent/attorney-in-fact, grantors, to Pamela S Cohenour, property in Penn Township, $1.

Jan. 2, 2019

Martin C. Rolan, grantor, to Martin C. Roland and Angela M. Roland, property in Union Township, $1.

Carolyn J. Grajeda, grantor, to Carolyn J. Grajeda Trust and Robert E. Grajeda Jr., trustee, property in Rockhill Borough, $1.

Missouri F. Seager by agent/attorney-in-fact, Charles R. Seager Jr. as agent/attorney-in-fact and Tamara S. Beck as agent/attorney-in-fact, grantors, to Charles R. Seager Jr., property in Logan Township, $10,000.

Peter J. Ludwig Estate and Jon Charles Ludwig Estate, executor, grantors, Chad A. Llewellyn and Ashley R. Llewellyn, property in Porter Township, $175,000.

Jan. 3, 2019

Richard J. Gensamer Estate, Richard Gensamer Estate and Olga Lucille Gensamer, administratrix, grantors, to Russell Land Investments LLC, property in Warriors Mark Township, $2,000.

Christina M. Guyer and Rodney F. Wright, grantors, to Christina M. Guyer, property in Jackson Township, $1.

Jay D. Price Estate, Joann W. Price, executrix, Alice C. Hurwitz, legatee, and Alice C. Worley, legatee, grantors, to Mark A. Long and Ellen Long, property in Shirley Township, $22,304.


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