Steven Ehrlich


Brett D. Fulk, president and CEO of Riverview Financial Corporation, the holding company of Riverview Bank, has announced the appointment of Steven Ehrlich as senior executive vice president and chief strategy officer for the company and bank.

Prior to Ehrlich’s appointment as chief strategy officer for Riverview, he was president and served on the board of First Priority Financial Corp., where he also served as president and chief executive officer of First Priority Bank.

Ehrlich has an extensive background in banking, including serving as the founder, chairman, president and CEO of Affinity Bancorp Inc. and its subsidiary, Affinity Bank of Pennsylvania, a bank headquartered in Wyomissing, Berks County, which opened in 2003. Prior to starting Affinity, Ehrlich served as the chief lending and chief credit officer for Main Street Bank, formerly Berks County Bank.

Ehrlich’s experience within the banking industry was developed over the course of 34 years in the industry, with extensive knowledge in all aspects of commercial banking, including but not limited to generating capital, commercial lending, retail banking, operational oversight of finance, deposit and loan operations, compliance, human resources and information technology.

Ehrlich is a graduate of the College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. He is involved in many charitable and nonprofit activities and currently serves on the board of directors of the Wilson School District. Ehrlich resides in Berks County with his wife Sarah and has a daughter, Brittney, who attends medical school.

“I consider us very fortunate to be adding someone of Steve’s caliber to the Riverview team. Given the many years I have interacted with him, working in close proximity within the same industry and working on several projects together over many years, I know Steve to be a man of excellent character, exceptional talent, valuable experience, and unparalleled market presence within the communities he has lived and worked his entire career”, stated Fulk. “Ehrlich’s personality, extensive banking experience, and long-standing, established relationships and contacts make him an excellent fit for Riverview, and he will have an immediate, positive impact on our company. Steve will be charged with the identification, development and implementation of many strategic initiatives for Riverview as we continue to pursue profitable growth opportunities, increase our focus on operational efficiencies, and enhance our efforts to identify and deploy technological innovations available within the financial sector” concluded Fulk.


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