Despite the number of hay and grain entries being lower at the Huntingdon County Fair this year, superintendents Richard and Susan Grove had no complaints on quality.

“Entries were low compared to the last three years, but the quality of the crops was very competitive,” said Richard.

Judge Ronald Hough of Rebersburg agreed.

“I was impressed with the quality of hay and grain presented by the exhibitors,” he said. “Good job to the exhibitors and keep participating.”

Hough selected the 2019 Grain and Seed Crop Champions.

Eli Sisto of Cramer Family Farms, Shade Gap, and the 2-year-old son of Cory Sisto and Bethany Stimely, won best of show and grand champion hay with his second cutting of grass hay.

Lexi Espy, 8, of the Spruce Creek area, won Judge’s Choice for her stalk if silage corn. She is the daughter of John Paul and Amy Espy.

Other department results are as follows:

Grains and Seeds

Corn — Hybrid Field Corn 1st — Trevor Hawn

Corn — Field Corn — Ears 1st — Finnley Harman Matter 2nd — Max Harman

Corn — Field — stalks 1st — Lexi Espy 2nd — Max Harman 3rd — John Paul Espy IV

Corn — Silage — stalks 1st — Lexi Espy 2nd — Max Harman 3rd — John Paul Espy IV

Sunflowers — Multi head 1st — Nancy Rhodes

Sunflowers — Ornamental 1st — Richard Grove 2nd — Dann Johnson 3rd — Trinity Hardy

Oats 1st — Max Harman 2nd — Trevor Hawn Wheat 1st — Lexi Espy 2nd — John Paul Espy IV 3rd — Tessa Espy Barley 1st — Alan Thompson 2nd — Hannah Thompson Dry Shelled Corn 1st — Max Harman 2nd — John Paul Espy IV 3rd — Tessa Espy Soybeans 1st — Max Harman 2nd — Lexi Espy 3rd — Colin J Hawn

Any other named seed crop 1st — James Tuten


Alfalfa or Alfalfa Grass Mix – later cutting 1st — Finnley Harman Matter 2nd — Max Harman 3rd — Eli Sisto

Grass — first cutting 1st — Trevor Hawn 2nd — Mack Ferrenberg 3rd — Makayla Hawbaker

Grass — Second cutting 1st — Eli Sisto 2nd — Finnley Harman Matter 3rd — Max Harman

Mixed Hay 1st — Ben Gordon 2nd — Aden Russell

Grain Hay 1st — Timothy R Peachey

Wheat 1st — Timothy R Peachey 2nd — Lexi Espy 3rd — Tessa Espy

Barley 1st — Eli Sisto


Crops 1st — Abram Detwiler 2nd — Makayla Hawbaker

Annual other than corn — not direct 1st — Abram Detwiler

Corn Silage 1st — Lexi Espy 2nd — Tessa Espy 3rd — John Paul Espy IV


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