Judges selected the following as Needlecraft Champions at the Huntingdon County Fair.

Best of Show Clothing went to Shirley Harnish, Best of Show Needlework and Rugs went to Linda Fitzgerald, Best of Show Quilts went to Mary C Saulen, Best of Show Afghan went to Sharon Kyle, Best of Show — Junior Division went to Mallory Erdman, Judge’s Choice — Afghans/Quilt went to Shirley J Wallace and Judge’s Choice went to Frances Bowman.

Other results are as follows:

Children’s Garments Boy’s Suit 1st — Shirley Harnish.

Adult Garments Other Garment — Jacket – Lined 1st — Sarah A Buckley.

Other Garments Clothing — Other Nightwear Adult 1st — Shirley Harnish; Clothing — Other Apron 1st — Nina Biddle.

Bedspreads Crocheted 1st — Kimberly A Sieminski.

Pictures under 12x12 Embroidered 1st — Lynne Emig; 2nd — Amanda Beck; Counted Cross Stitch 1st — Karen Varner; 3rd — Linda Fitzgerald.

Pictures under 12-20” Counted Cross Stitch 1st — Barbara Wilt; 2nd — Linda Fitzgerald.

Pictures 12”-20” Other 1st — Linda Fitzgerald.

Pictures over 20” Cross Stitch 1st — Donna Rhodes; Counted Cross Stitch 1st — Linda Fitzgerald; Other 1st — Linda Fitzgerald.

Doilies/Centerpiece/Scarves Solid Crochet 1st — Carol Meshyock; 2nd — Annette Johnston; Knitted 2nd — Sarah Baker.

Pillows/Cushions Knitted 2nd — Sarah Baker.

Quilted 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Terry Bontrager; 3rd — Mary C Saulen; Other 1st — Rivan Long; 2nd — Heather Bair Cross Stitch; 1st — Terry Bontrager; Embroidered 1st — Raylene Russell; 2nd — Barbara A Jones; Other 1st — Linda Grove; 2nd — Amanda Beck.

Tablecloths/Coverings Solid Crochet 1st — Carol Meshyock.

Table Runners Quilted 1st — Mary C Saulen; 2nd — Sally Shaw; 3rd — Terry Bontrager; Woven 1st — Eileen Butchkoski; Other 1st — Nina Biddle.

Towels Decorative Edge 1st — Staci Shuck; Decorated — non-edge 1st — Terry Bontrager; 2nd — Nina Biddle; Other 1st — Eileen Butchkoski; 2nd — Staci Shuck; 3rd — Carol Meshyock.

Purses/Tote Bag Other 1st — Paulette Loose.

Pot Holders Quilted 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Amanda Beck; 3rd — Linda Grove; Knitted 1st — Staci Shuck; 2nd — Sarah Baker.

Other 1st — Amanda Beck; Crocheted 1st — Beverly Sather; 2nd — Carol Meshyock; 3rd — Staci Shuck.

Placemats Quilted 1st — Terry Bontrager; Other 1st — Amanda Beck; 2nd — Nina Biddle.

Wearing Apparel-Crocheting Shawl 1st — Gretchen M Eichensehr; 2nd — Kimberly A Sieminski; Child’s Garment 1st — Gretchen M Eichensehr; Hat 1st — Gretchen M Eichensehr; 2nd — Lori Hopkins Price; Baby Layout 1st — Carol Meshyock; Scarf 1st — Annette Johnston; Gloves 1st — Gretchen M Eichensehr; Other 1st — Lori Hopkins Price.

Wearing Apparel-Knitting Accessory 1st — Frances Bowman; Adult’s Garment 1st — Frances Bowman; 2nd — Prudence Ingerman; Child’s Garment 1st — Prudence Ingerman; 2nd — Lynne Emig; Shawl 1st — Anita Randall; Scarf 1st — Ginny Mutti; 2nd — Susan Wilson; Hat 1st — Frances Bowman; 2nd — Anita Randall; 3rd — Ginny Mutti; Gloves 1st — Prudence Ingerman.

Mittens 1st — Frances Bowman; Other 1st — Frances Bowman 2nd — Sarah Baker.

Miscellaneous Handmade Toy 1st — Sally Shaw; Handmade Doll 1st — Shirley Harnish; 2nd — Prudence Ingerman; 3rd — Sally Shaw; Useful Article 1st — Sally Shaw; 2nd — Linda Grove; Holiday Item 1st — Frances Bowman;; 2nd — Sally Shaw Other 1st — Kimberly A Sieminski; Crocheted 1st — Beverly Sather; 2nd — Sharon Kyle; 3rd — Nina Biddle.

Afghans and Quilts Baby Afghans 1st — Deborah Hetrick; 2nd — Anita Randall; Other 1st — Debra Swartz.

Afghans 47x60 and smaller Crocheted 1st — Sharon Kyle; 2nd — Lynne Emig; 3rd — Annette Johnston; Small — Knitted 1st — Deborah Hetrick; 2nd — Anita Randall

Afghans 48x60 and larger Crocheted 1st — Sharon Kyle; 2nd — Lynda Shingler; 3rd — Annette Johnston.

Quilts Hand-Quilted Applique 1st — Albert Steinbeiser; 2nd — Terry Bontrager; Hand- Quilted Embroidered 3rd — Patricia McKeehan; Hand-quilted — Mixed Methods 1st — Mary C Saulen; Hand Quilted Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Paulette Loose.

Machine Quilt-Short Arm Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Mary C Saulen; Mix Method 1st — Janet Dunlap; Appliqué 1st — Shirley J Wallace; 2nd — Linda Cohenour.

Machine Quilt-Long Arm Pieced 1st — Paulette Loose; 2nd — Gaynell Boor; 3rd — Mary Jean S Walker; Mix Method 1st — Mary C Saulen; 2nd — Tracey Harpster.

Hand Quilted — Child Applique 1st — Terry Bontrager; Embroider 2nd — Patricia McKeehan; Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Shirley Harnish; 3rd — Donna Leamer; Other 1st — Sally Shaw.

Machine Quilted – Child Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; Other 1st — Mary C Saulen.

Group Made Quilts 1st — Amanda Beck.

Miniature Quilt Hand Quilted 1st — Sally Shaw Machine Quilted 1st — Mary C Saulen.

Quilted Wall Hanging-Hand Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Amanda Beck; Appliqué 2nd — Terry Bontrager; Other 1st — Amanda Beck.

Quilted Wall Hanging — Machine Pieced 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Mary C Saulen; 3rd — Marsha Hartman.

Appliqué 2nd — Paulette Loose; Other 1st — Yvonne Wilson.

Rugs Other 1st — Staci Shuck.

Felted Wool Pin 1st — Amanda Beck; Candlemat 12”+ 1st — Amanda Beck; Candlemat under 12” 1st — Amanda Beck.

Felt Appliqué Pin 1st — Amanda Beck; 2nd — Linda Grove; Candlmat 12”+ 1st — Amanda Beck Candlmat un12” 1st — Linda Grove; 2nd — Amanda Beck; Wall Hanging 1st — Amanda Beck; Recycle/Repurpose 1st — Rivan Long; Other 1st — Amanda Beck; 2nd — Linda Grove.

Wool Apparel Knitted — Sweater 1st — Sarah A Buckley; 2nd — Susan Wilson; 3rd — Frances Bowman; Knitted — Vest 1st — Susan Wilson; 2nd — Frances Bowman; Knitted — Scarf 1st — Deborah Hetrick; 2nd — Susan Wilson; 3rd — Frances Bowman; Knitted — Shawl 1st — Deborah Hetrick; 2nd — Staci Shuck; 3rd — Susan Wilson; Knitted — Gloves 1st — Larry Mutti; 2nd — Ginny Mutti; 3rd — Sarah A Buckley; Knitted — Socks 1st — Staci Shuck; Knitted — Other 1st — Frances Bowman; 2nd — Susan Wilson; 3rd — Larry Mutti.

Jr. Division

Child Garment – Other 1st — Jacob Rader.

Art to Wear – Other 1st — Elsie Beck; 2nd — Carson Riley; 3rd — Madison Beck.

Pillows/Cushions- Other 1st — Madison Beck.

Pot Holders- Other 1st — Cody Flasher; 2nd — Matthew Flasher.

Wearing Apparel Crocheted — Hat 1st — Mallory Erdman; Baby-Crocheted 1st — Mikara Anderson; Machine — Pieced 1st — Amelia Russell; Latch Hook 1st — Elsie Ferrenberg; 2nd — MaKenzie Harmon.

Needlefelting Pin 1st — Madison Beck; Other 1st — Madison Beck.

Quilt Block Contest — Pieced 1st — Mary C Saulen; 2nd — Mary Jean S Walker; 3rd — Amanda Beck.

Quilt Block Contest — Appliqué 1st — Yvonne Wilson; 2nd — Janet Dunlap; 3rd — Amanda Beck.


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