Anyone interested in diversifying a farm business is encouraged to attend a Penn State Extension workshop designed to help turn the idea into reality.

“Agricultural Diversification: Hemp and Beyond,” which will be held Wednesday, June 26, at the Penn State Extension Huntingdon County office, Fairgrounds Road, Huntingdon, is aimed at helping participants learn about emerging markets and profit opportunities for farm enterprises.

This three-hour course includes exploratory discussion, research tools and self-assessment activities. By the end of the class, participants will decide on an action plan that works best for them and will have the tools and contacts to get started.

Participants will learn about ways to access agricultural resources and connect with local farm business owners, agricultural professionals and others interested in diversifying farm enterprises. They will learn about existing and new markets, new technologies, and changes in consumer demands that affect a farm’s economic growth.

“Farmer owners have the opportunity to learn firsthand about emerging markets that are shaping the future of agriculture,” said Zachary Larson, field and forage crops educator for Penn State Extension. “If you are thinking about diversifying a farm business but are not sure how to get started, this course can help you decide on an action plan that works best for your business goals.”

According to Larson, “Ag Diversification: Hemp and Beyond” is perfect for hobby and lifestyle farmers considering whether to expand their farm into a business enterprise, recent or soon-to-be retirees who may want to start a small farm business, immigrants with agricultural experience who wish to start farming in the United States, recent high school or college graduates considering a career in agriculture, and individuals inheriting or taking over a farm from a family member.

This course is free of charge due to sponsorships. To register, visit or call 877-345-0691. For more information, contact Zachary Larson at or 865-6541.


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