Borough Solicitor Chris Wencker gave an update on the current status of the upcoming general election in November at the Alexandria Borough Council meeting Aug. 12.

“We had a meeting with the county election staff at which we discussed the ballot for the upcoming general election. It was agreed that the information sheet that we completed at the last regular council meeting was accurate, reflecting the currently expiring and needing to be filled council member positions as well as the other elective offices of the borough. So the county and we agreed to ask the judge to issue an order to say that,” he said. “Basically, there will be write-in blanks for all of the elected positions of the borough for the number of years that need to be filled.

At last months meeting, council member Judy Scott proposed forming a committee independent of borough council comprised of borough residents to carry out the building of a walk bridge within the recreation park.

At this month’s meeting, Borough president Mike Smith wanted to know whether the borough would be at all liable for the walk bridge, as it had since come to light that the bridge would fall on private property.

Solicitor Wencker believes there isn’t a clear answer at this point.

“That depends on information not available at this meeting. I don’t know. But it’s never a simple thing, liabilities are contractual, there could be grey areas. I can’t say one way or the other this is the way the borough’s liability is going to be,” he said.

“It is on private property, so she would have to go through ramifications with her project of getting authorization through that private person to do her project. Whoever she puts together to donate towards the bridge could potentially gift it to the borough,” said Vice President Rebecca Smith.

Wencker is still updating the borough ordinances and noted that the existing code of ordinances is still in effect up until the point the council adopts the amended ordinances.

Council member Scott Glass made a motion to table the approval of the 2020 borough budget approval “and turn it into a workshop so we can sit down and go through it line by line”.

The council unanimously agreed.

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