Portstown Dog Park dedicated

Patrick Hughes, second from the right, cut the ribbon for the official dedication of the Portstown Dog Park in Huntingdon Borough Thursday afternoon. Also on hand for the ceremony were, from the left, Huntingdon Borough Parks and Recreation Commission member Ed Tos, Huntingdon Borough Council member and parks and recreation committee chair Robert Jackson Jr., Hughes, and Huntingdon Borough Council member and parks and recreation member Jim Bair.

A project that will benefit borough residents and their canine companions that has long been discussed by officials in Huntingdon Borough is now a reality

Huntingdon Borough officials along with members of the Huntingdon Borough Parks and Recreation Commission were on hand for the official ribbon cutting and dedication of the Portstown Dog Park Thursday afternoon.

The dog park, which is comprised of two areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs to run and play, three benches in each area and two stations for owners to clean up after their canine companions, is located off of Ice Plant Road near Laney’s Feed Mill.

Though prior to the end of 2017, members of Huntingdon Borough Council did discuss the idea of a dog park, thanks to the aid of the Huntingdon Borough Parks and Recreation Commission, a five-member commission comprised of members of the borough, the concept of a dog park became more of a reality.

Though many were wondering where the money would come from to construct the dog park, thanks to the Hughes family, the park is now a reality.

Robert Jackson Jr., Huntingdon Borough Council member and chair of the borough’s parks and recreation committee, thanked the Hughes family, who were in attendance at the dedication Thursday.

“We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts the generous donation the Hughes family made in memory of their son, Patrick,” said Jackson. “It was a great gesture, and it’s something we wouldn’t have been able to do without them.”

Jackson also took the time to thank the Huntingdon Borough maintenance department for its work with the installation of the dog park.

“They spent many, many hours here between prioritized jobs and put this thing together,” he said. “They did a fine job, but I want to make sure they’re recognized for all of the great work they did to save money for the overall project costs.”

He also took the time to thank other officials from Huntingdon Borough who aided in bringing the dog park to reality

“Our borough manager Dan Varner and assistant borough manager Chris Stevens, they were always here to troubleshoot and ordering things, making everything flow in a timely manner so we could get this done in a timely manner,” said Jackson.

Varner said the park has been open to the public for three weeks, and those who use it, human and canine alike, are enjoying it.

“Our maintenance guys come here every morning and there have been people using it,” he said.

Stevens added that solar lights will be at the park next week, and a parking lot for the park will be completed soon after another major project is completed in the borough.

Additionally, Jackson said with the guidance of the Huntingdon Borough Parks and Recreation Commission, their support, guidance and hard work, as well as the parks and recreation committee.

“It feels wonderful to say that it’s dedicated and open,” said Jackson. “It’s not often the weather brings sunshine around here, this dog park will bring countless people sunshine for years to come.”

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