Huntingdon County election officials will be doing the hand count of ballots today, which will help determine the official winners of write-in races, some of which were contested races in the county.

Tammy Thompson, elections coordinator, explained what will happen after the hand count is completed.

“Write-in winners will be notified via mail,” she said. “They will receive a letter from my office explaining the next steps they must take to accept or decline the write-in win.”

If someone who was a write-in candidate for any of the races in Tuesday’s municipal election accept or decline the win, they only have a certain amount of time to accept it.

“Letters will be mailed in approximately one week, and the candidates will have two weeks to respond,” she said.

While it’s unlikely the hand count will change the outcome of county races, there were many candidates who ran write-in campaigns for municipal and school board seats and the hand count could determine the outcome of those races.

Write-in votes aren’t the only ones that that will be counted and tabulated today, as anyone who cast a provisional ballot Tuesday will have their ballots counted as well.

Anyone who disputes the county’s records as to where they are supposed to vote, or whether they are eligible to vote, cast a provisional ballot at that precinct, as a way of making sure everyone is given the opportunity to vote.

But, it doesn’t mean they all get counted, depending on the findings, but the county makes sure everyone who is entitled to vote does.

For watching the county’s website for official results will have to wait a bit until they are posted.

“Write-in results will be posted to the county website once they are certified,” said Thompson. “The accept/decline process is complete which will take approximately five weeks.”

Even after all those who won the election for their respective seats are notified, the election results still have be certified.

“We certify results to the state Department of State after the completion of final count and the notification/certification process for write-in winners,” said Thompson.

When results are tabulated and winners are notified and accept and/or decline, they will be posted at

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