The holiday shopping season has started and figuring out a Christmas budget is top priority.

Community State Bank of Orbisonia (CSB) has a few ways to keep folks from breaking the bank this holiday.

CSB helps customers stay within a budget by offering an annual Christmas Club option, a separate savings account solely for gift spending during November and December. The club option allows shoppers to set aside a little each month so that when it’s time to start holiday shopping, funds are available.

“Our Christmas club really helps a lot of people. They can create an annual account and it closes after 12 months,” said Morgan Rhone, CSB marketing manager. “It usually starts in December and is created for the following year.”

According to Rhone, account holders can put any amount into the account in order to grow a little nest egg for the holiday shopping season. This way, people aren’t dipping into their savings account and impulsively using too much during those times.

“People can set up how much money goes into that account every time they get paid, they can put in $20 or $30 a month, whatever they want, then can get the pay out in November and use that as their holiday gift budget,” said Rhone.

CSB also provides something called Kasasa benefits, where when a person spends money and uses their cards to get cash back.

“We do have Kasasa, which has benefits for two different transactions types. One is a checking account that has interest back and the other is, for every debit card swipe, you get cash back on that transaction, it’s 2% cashback on every debit card purchases,” says Rhone.

A cashback debit card can be a good way to put money in your pocket while spending on things folks normally would buy, such as groceries or gas.

Although it’s too late to start a Christmas club account for this shopping season, Rhone said CSB will begin its new savings term in December for the next Christmas season.

In order to set up an account for Christmas 2020, stop by any location of Community Bank.

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