The Hometown Heroes Banner Project is continuing its expansion throughout Huntingdon County after kicking off in November in Huntingdon Borough.

The project, which honors veterans, is aiming to have 200 banners up throughout the county by Memorial Day.

However, not all municipalities are conducive to hosting the banners.

“Some don’t really have any downtown section so it wouldn’t make sense to have them there,” said Huntingdon mayor David Wessels, who is on the project’s committee. “Some people I talked to wanted to know if people could still purchase them and put them in the county seat, and we said, ‘yeah.’ At the moment, we believe that would work, so long as we have room. It would be a delightful problem if we ran out of spots.”

Porter Township Supervisor Richard Brown says the municipality is “too spread out” for the banners, but put his cousin, Sharon Anderson, a Huntingdon native, in touch with Alexandria Borough Council member Sam Miller, who was very receptive to the project.

“We’re happy to participate and take advantage of them up here. We could probably have a half dozen or more,” said Miller. “We’d be happy to have township folks put banners up in the borough. I think it’s a wonderful thing. I announced it at borough council meeting last Tuesday evening and we’ve put the word out to the (American) Legion. We’ll be going forward with it.”

Anderson said one of the difficulties has been getting in touch with some of the smaller municipalities.

“We have not been able to get a hold of people very easily,” she said.

She believes the effort to reach out and accommodate the residents of smaller townships who might still want to participate is more than worth it.

“I’m not sure exactly how it will work as far as having a veteran from one town being honored in another town, but we have no problem doing that. Anyone we can honor and respect and get them up in the Huntingdon County area is fine with me.”

March 28 is the deadline for anyone in the county who wishes to participate, and the cost of a banner is $150.

“I’ve explained to folks that you don’t have to take that cost all yourself. My brother and I paid for my dad’s, so you don’t have to handle the cost all by yourself,” said Anderson.

Applications for the banners are still located at the Huntingdon Borough Office and the Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce.

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