Campaign still going strong

Huntingdon County United Way executive director Kathy Armillei updated the total on the sign near Laney’s Feed Mill, Huntingdon, to reflect the progress of the 2018-2019 annual campaign.

The finish line to the 2018-2019 annual Huntingdon County United Way is just appearing on the far-off horizon and currently, the fundraising effort stands at around 75 percent of the total goal.

The campaign officially kicked off with the Day of Caring Sept. 26 and will run through the end of February.

“The goal this year is to raise $425,000 and we are currently at about $320,000,” said Huntingdon County United Way executive director Kathy Armillei. “This is the third year the goal has been set at $425,000. The first year, we missed it by $10,000 and last year, we went over by a bit.”

Armillei added that the total is approximately four percent ahead of last year’s campaign.

“We are still waiting for employers to send us back the employee donation cards,” she said. “The official wrap-up is Thursday, Feb. 28.”

Even though the campaign is moving along well, Armillei encouraged area residents not to be complacent and to keep up the excellent efforts.

“We will be doing our ‘jeans and teams day,’ where employers can allow their employees to dress down the day after the Super Bowl,” said Armillei. “We will also be doing our Supermatch tickets, which are based on the Super Bowl. They can be purchased online or by calling our office.”

Another fundraiser will have area residents seeing hearts when they patronize some local businesses.

“We will also be selling hearts at different local establishments and businesses, where people can pay a dollar to put their name on it and post it at the business,” she said.

The funds raised through the campaign aid Huntingdon County residents in a variety of ways. Huntingdon County United Way partner agencies include American Red Cross, Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, Crossroads Pregnancy Center, Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, Home Nursing Agency, Huntingdon County Child and Adult Development Corp., Huntingdon County Library, Huntingdon House, Juniata Valley Boy Scouts Inc., Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army and affiliate agencies include Eye Care Agency of Huntingdon County, J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital, Mount Union Community Library, Skills of Central PA and United Service Organization (USO).

“All of the money donated helps our 10 partner agencies and six affiliate agencies, which provide a variety of programs and services that benefit pretty much everyone in Huntingdon County,” said Armillei. “If you haven’t made a donation yet, send in donations or call us. You can also go on our website to make a donation and help us reach our goal.”

People can keep track of the 2018-2019 campaign’s progress by watching the thermometer signs near Laney’s Feed Mill and Kish Bank in Huntingdon and Containment Solutions in Mount Union.

Donations are appreciated and encouraged. To make a contribution to Huntingdon County United Way, mail it to P.O. Box 344, Huntingdon, PA 16652, visit or call 643-3142.

April can be reached at


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