The Orbisonia Borough Council met Wednesday for their regular meeting and voted to move forward with having their solicitor Larry Lashinsky review plans to dissolve the Orbisonia Cemetery Association and transfer the trust of care to the borough.

With several members left on the board of the association, which include borough president Steve Scott and borough secretary Cindy McGarvey, the borough would be able to provide the needed attention to the cemetery. The subject was originally discussed in early 2018, and it was formally decided to move forward at the February regular meeting.

Scott explained that in order for the association to be dissolved and transferred to the borough, it would take a ruling from a judge to make the determination. Scott and McGarvey’s reasoning for wanting the transfer was due to the funds that exist for the cemetery.

“We’d like to see that put in a special account labeled cemetery association, because in 10 years none of us might even be on this council, and I would hate just because of the cemetery and the way that money was frugally saved all of those years for someone to come on council and buy a new borough pick up truck or just blow through that money like water,” said Scott.

“I would like to move on it, before I get voted off of this council I would like to see the cemetery in good hands, and that someone is going to take care of it,” said Scott.

According to Scott, the cemetery association is continuing to generate revenue and is practically self-sufficient.

“There’s usually enough to get you almost through the year. The cost to the Borough of Orbisonia would be minimal. I like the idea because there are groups and honor societies looking for work. With the borough, there are organizations, Boy Scouts and groups that could be solicited or make arrangements to have things done up there,” said Scott.

The council members discussed that the funding would be earmarked in trust to only be used for intended purposes.

“I would like to see that the money could only ever be used for cemetery maintenance or emergency repairs,” said Scott.

The council announced that at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11, a meeting will be held at the Orbisonia-Rockhill Fire Hall to discuss the needs for a senior center in the borough. The idea for the senior center has been discussed at several borough meetings, and one community meeting, and the council hopes to get the idea off of the ground in early spring. Community members are encouraged to attend and share their ideas with the council and fire company.

The borough also announced that clean up day will be Saturday, May 11.

Council member Matthew Gilliland announced that a parade in honor of Engine 9, which has served the community since 1973 and will be officially decommissioned at the end of the month. The parade will take place at noon Saturday, Feb. 16, in Orbisonia.

“We’re going to do a final parade for Engine 9, we’re going to have banners on the side of it announcing its terms of service, and we’re inviting EMS over and we’re going to do a little thing through Orbisonia and Rockhill as a final tribute for the community and its years of service,” said Gilliland.

Engine 9 will be officially decommissioned Saturday, Feb. 23, and bids for the sale of the truck will be opened Friday, March 1.

Gilliland updated the council on the status of the fire radios that were recently purchased, and lauded Shirleysburg Borough for their support in helping to pay for the radios and to pay down the principal of the loan.

The council voted to have a multi-room mini split installedin the food pantry side of the library. The library had a mini split unitinstalled in 2018, and the council discussed the possibility of installing theadditional unit at the January regular meeting.

The Orbisonia Borough Council meets on the first Wednesdayof every month at 7 p.m.

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