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The temperature sign at Oasis of Love Church on Station Road in Walker Township read 48 degrees just before 8 a.m. today. Temperatures in the area Monday were the lowest high temps the area has experienced, but improvement is on the horizon for the remainder of the week.

The cooler temperatures over the last couple of days may have set records for the lowest high temperature for the day.

According to Craig Evanego, meteorologist with the National Weather Service bureau in State College, the record was set for the lowest high temperature for May 13 in Williamsport.

“The previous record for lowest high temperature was 52 degrees (Monday), and it only got up to 48 in Williamsport,” he said.

The good news is that this will likely be the last we see of these cooler temperatures, as a warming pattern in on its way to the area.

“Things are set to improve as the week goes on,” said Evanego, adding that the threat of any sort of frost is likely past, which is good news for those who have planted their flowers and vegetable gardens.

“The third week of April is typically the last time you’ll see a freeze in the county, and there’s no threat for the coming week, and we’ll be a month past that date,” he said. “Tonight, we’re going to have low temperatures in the 40s, but after that, it looks like milder nights for the rest of the week into the weekend.”

He also explained the reason for the low temperatures.

“We just had an area of upper-level low pressure pass ahead, and it should start pulling east of us today,” said Evanego. “This is the reason for the slow improvement.”

Despite the very low high temperatures for the day, Evanego noted that temperatures so far this spring have been closer to average or slightly above average.

“At our two official climate sites in Harrisburg and Williamsport, it’s been 2.6 degrees above normal in Harrisburg and 2.8 degrees in Williamsport,” he said. “The last couple of days have been considerably below normal, but most of the days have been, temperature wise, normal to slightly above normal.

After today, things will also start to improve, both temperature and precipitation wise, said Evanego.

“Though highs today are in the mid-50s, we’ll be near, if not a little bit above normal, with temperatures in the 70s, with at least some sunshine each day for the rest of the week,” he said. “There will be no steady rain, but perhaps an outside chance of showers each day.

“Though the high temperatures were low as they could be for this time of year, it’s still going to be a little bit milder today, and after Wednesday, it should look closer to normal for what we’ve seen for this time of year,” Evanego added.

The threat of showers will remain for the rest of the week, but there shouldn’t be a chance of an all-day soaker.

“There’s just the outside chance of showers, with really no chance of severe weather,” he said. “After today, the remainder of the week will look like a noticeable improvement.”

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