New design for library at Juniata College

Juniata College has received a $4 million dollar state grant from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) to renovate the L.A. Beeghly Library. The facility will be renamed the Tim & Kathy Statton Learning Commons and will have extensive built-in technology, a full service cafe, group study rooms and more.

Juniata College’s was awarded a $4 million state grant to renovate and expand L.A. Beeghly Library.

The library will be renamed the Tim & Kathy Stattion Learning Commons, both members of the Juniata class of 1972.

“This project is going to generate a tremendous amount of excitement for the college. People have said for a long time that Beeghly Library needed reimagined. It’s an older building and we’re going to bring it into the 21st century. Students are going to really enjoy it. I think it will be very attractive for them,” said Juniata College president James Troha.

The grant is funded through the state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), which provides funds for community and economic development projects throughout the state. RACP projects have a regional impact and generate substantial increases or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenues, or other measures of economic activity.

The campus and local community will enjoy a multi-functional and digital learning space.

“What you’ll see in the design is a creative environment that encourages a lot of collaboration. I think it’s going to create a very engaging learning space. Students today don’t learn like they use to when they were just taking books off shelves. They’ll be able to collaborate more with digital devices and white boards,” said Troha.

Within the Learning Commons, an open floor plan will contain small group study/meeting rooms, extensive built-in technology, a full-service café, compact shelving for the existing 200,000 volumes of text and a secured rare book collection space.

Spaces for creativity and contemplative study, as well as tools for digital scholars, are all hallmarks of this innovative project.

The new design will also include creating a new entrance facing Moore Street.

“The entrance to Moore Street will bring in a lot of pedestrian traffic and will make the facility much more accessible to the students and the broader community,” said Troha.

The President believes the Tim & Kathy Statton Learning Commons could become a meeting place for the campus community.

“One of the most notable features of the new space is going to be the new lounge area and cafe, which will be great for drawing the Juniata community towards a central location near the quad,” he said.

With the designs for the building still being finalized, the college hopes to start working on the project as soon as possible.

“We are hoping that this is going to be in the next two years we will start this project, it could be within 12 and 15 months depending on how things go, and 24 months at the latest,” said Troha.

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