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The Community Garden at 505 Moore St. in Huntingdon has had a wide-ranging harvest over the past few months, including tomatoes, peppers, kale, radishes and garlic, among other produce. The public is encouraged to attend one of the work sessions at 5:30 p.m. each Tuesday. Free starter kits and gardening expertise are provided.

ReInvision Huntingdon’s Community Garden project at 505 Moore St. is looking to grow after some successful summer months.

“We have a nice team of three dedicated volunteers this year, which is enough to keep the garden going, but we’re always looking for more volunteers. The more hands the more we can grow,” said Nick Miller, the gardener who oversees the project.

This year’s harvest includes: tomatoes, peppers, kale, cucumbers, zucchini, chard, cabbage, radishes and garlic.

A “local revitalization organization,” ReInvision Huntingdon seeks to strengthen the Huntingdon community by creating opportunities for local projects and educational programming.

“One of our missions is to help educate people on how to grow organically in their backyard and push towards local food sustainability. The more people grow and become self-sufficient, the better,” said Miller.

Ryan Gibboney, the founder of ReInvision Huntingdon, said she’s appreciative that the garden has received help in recent months from the borough.

“Huntingdon Borough has supported the garden through weekly mowing through the summer and into the fall. This support has allowed volunteers to focus on the planting, weeding and harvesting of produce to donate to local community organizations. We have been supported by a small group of dedicated volunteers,” she said.

Ultimately, the project is meant to benefit those who participate as well as the broader Huntingdon community.

“At this point we’re donating all the veggies to low income families, the Drop-In Center and the Salvation Army. We’ve had folks in the past who volunteered and they take veggies home,” said Miller. “We want to encourage more families to come up and have their own garden space. We have plenty of room up there.”

Seeds and starter kits are provided, as well as access to Miller’s gardening expertise.

Anyone is welcome stop by at 5:30 p.m. each Tuesday to participate, weather permitting, with Sundays being the rain makeup day.

For questions or more information, call Miller at 386-9772, or email him at

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