Saxton Borough Council unanimously agreed Monday evening to spend $75,000 to replace 32 filters at its water treatment facility. Two water leaks were also discussed.

Council president and water committee chairman Lester Meck told council the time has come to replace the filters after about seven years of constant use. They will be purchased through the Pall Corporation who the borough has a contract with to service its water system.

Borough manager Jamie Foster said the borough has been putting funds away each month for the past several years to pay for the filters. Meck said they will be ordered and stored at the water plant and be installed when appropriate.

The plant, according to Meck, is also experiencing “PLC” adapter problems. Meck said he learned that a part that is causing problems is no longer available, but fortunately, one was obtained from the Pall Corp.

He said the system’s three PLC’s are eventually going to all have to be replaced at a “significant” cost. Meck estimates the cost to be between $50,000 and $55,000, if not more.

As for the leaks, Meck said one was a valve problem at 10th and Mifflin streets. The other is a major geo-thermal leak at the Tussey Mountain Elementary School that borough water employees are assisting district maintenance personnel in trying to locate and repair.

The issue of speeding on Shoup Street was again a topic of discussion.

Mayor Alan Smith reported that speed bump strips were recently installed on Shoup Street. While Council intended to purchase three speed bump strips, only one was purchased and installed.

Smith explained that he misunderstood the dimensions of the device and they were inadequately short from his initial thinking. Last month, council promised borough residents living along the street that the borough would install three speed bump strips.

While he appreciated council’s efforts, Shoup Street resident Gary Flenner, who has been a strong advocate for speed reduction along the street, communicated through Smith that at least two more speed strips are needed. Council agreed that one additional strip is sufficient.

Voting in favor of the action were council members Phil Johnson, John Hoffner, Adam Runk and Larry Miller. Council president Lester Meck cast the lone no vote.

Councilman and street committee chairman Larry Miller said council should begin to consider what its next major water repair project is going to be. Miller and Meck concurred that it should be a water line replacement under Lower Main Street that Meck stated is going to be a major undertaking since borough engineers will have to be involved.

Council also noted that a portion of Ninth Street between Church Street and Main Street (Route 913) is getting bad. Miller said he would also like to see a section of Branch Street widened and paved.

Miller also suggested council anticipate spending $2,295 for line painting, $1,800 for brush hogging and a maximum of $2,500 for street sweeping from its 2021 state liquid fuels budget. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the share of liquid fuel monies municipalities receives is expected to decrease this year.

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