Huntingdon County Commissioners gave an update on when Courthouse 1 and part of the ground floor of the Huntingdon County Sheriff’s office will be cleaned.

They were both impacted with traces of mold in late July.

“The sheriff’s office was not cleaned, and we were getting pricing to have it completed,” said commissioner Jeff Thomas. “They’re coming in the near future.”

Thomas added while all of the mold issues have been eradicated, professional cleaners will clean Courtroom 1 and the room in the sheriff’s office soon.

Commissioner Scott Walls noted the room in the sheriff’s office is currently sealed off, and there’s no access to the area.

Huntingdon County Emergency Management Agency Director Joe Thompson brought two items up for approval, including an update for the Hazard Mitigation Update Grant application.

“PEMA requested updating a listing agent,” said Thompson. “I’m going to be listed as the primary contact for the grant, but I won’t be the primary signer for the grant.”

The other approval was for a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Grant Agreement with the South Central Mountains Counterterrorism Task Force, of which Huntingdon County is a member.

“We have to have all eight county commissioners that are in the task force to approve this grant agreement,” said Thompson. “The grant is for $452,000, and it will provide funding for the regional task force that will be used for planning, organization, maintenance and exercises in the task force.”

Both items were approved.

A memorandum of understanding was also approved with Center for Community Action (CCA) for the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP). CCA runs the program.

“This spells out what CCA and the county should provide for all volunteers,” said Jinny Cooper, the county’s Register and Recorder. “This is the third memorandum of understanding with CCA, and we’ve been a part of the program for six years.”

Thomas thanked the RSVP participants for what they’ve done for the county offices.

“It’s great to see Jinny help get this program up and running again in the county,” said Thomas. “We appreciate the work the volunteers do.”

Huntingdon Borough resident asked who would assume control of the properties in Spruce Creek Township that are set to be razed in the future, thanks to DCED funding.

“There should be a transfer of ownership, because we’re using taxpayer funds to help demolish the properties,” said Cassatt. “You shouldnt’ spend this money and have no return on this investment.”

Commissioner Mark Sather said they would look into this further, and Walls further commented the state has liens on the property, and the value of the liens is higher than the property value.

Additionally, Cassatt asked why the auditors asked for an extension on this year’s audit until on or before Nov. 1, but it’s due at the end of September.

“The auditors petitioned the court, as they’re waiting on information on retirement,” said commissioner and chair Mark Sather, adding they have not heard further word as to whether that petition has been granted.

“It seems stupid that someone handling taxpayers money can do so without consequences,” said Cassatt.

Cooper also said the Register of Wills, the Recorder of Deeds and Clerk of Orphans Court offices have been audited by the state Attorney General’s office, as part of a regular four-year audit, and everything found was to be in order.

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