Donations aid in AED purchase

Members of Moose Family Center No. 223 presented a donation to the Mount Union Borough Police Department Thursday to aid in the purchase of two AEDs. Taking part in the presentation were, from the left, trustee Jesse Morgan, trustee Rob Isenberg, Mount Union Borough police chief Adam Miller, governor Ron Bell, prelate Jim Hudack, junior past governor Dave Fortson and treasurer Jim Schneider.

Knowing that when seconds count, preparation can mean the difference between life and death, the members of a community-oriented organization made a donation which provided for life-saving equipment for a local police department.

Mount Union Borough Police Department received funding to aid in the purchase of two AEDs (automated external defibrillators) from Moose Family Center No. 223, Huntingdon.

“There is always an opportunity to save a life if you have the right equipment and the right training,” said Mount Union Borough police chief Adam Miller. “As police officers, we’re all over the place. We want to be able to have the ability to not be powerless in an emergency.”

An AED is a portable electronic device which can automatically diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and deliver an electric shock to bring the heart back into rhythm, all while a recorded tutorial talks the user through the process.

“We want to have the resources to not be helpless,” Miller said. “In no way are we trying to replace emergency medical technicians, we are just trying to add a couple of extra resources. The idea is that if you have the right tools and you have the right training, if the opportunity arises you’ll be ready.”

The effort to procure the AEDs launched over a month ago and fundraising efforts began with a very successful paint party.

“With the Moose’s contribution, it took us right to the point where we were able to buy two AEDs because we got them at a great deal,” he said. “They come with four-year warranties. They have a video screen on them, so it actually walks you through the process by video and train you on the spot.”

The funds used to purchase the items came from monies brought in by small games of chance at the Moose.

“Adam and I had been talking about some of the needs for the police department in Mount Union,” said Moose Family Center No. 223 trustee Jesse Morgan. “The AED was one of his biggest concerns.”

Morgan relayed that need to his fellow Moose members and a decision was quickly made to help however they could.

Gov. Ron Bell explained that the Moose places a primary focus on aiding their surrounding communities.

“We support the community, especially causes to help children and elders,” Bell said. “We are the heart of the community. Mount Union is part of our Huntingdon County community. We want to help with organization needs for our fire and police departments.”

The Moose members receive many requests for assistance and offer aid whenever possible.

“We are overwhelmingly grateful for the support,” said Miller. “We’re grateful for our friends here at the Moose who have given us an amazing gift.”

In the past, the Huntingdon Moose have made donations toward the Huntingdon Borough Police Department’s efforts to recruit a K-9 officer, provided specialized protective vests for officers from the police department and Huntingdon County Sheriff’s Office, aided in projects for the Huntingdon Community Center and local schools and have helped HRFR with gas meters, funds for necessary radio upgrades, equipment and smoke detector purchases.

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