When Huntingdon County voters head to the polls Tuesday, May 18, there will be few candidates listed on the ballot for county school board races.

The Daily News compiled a list of candidates’ names as found on the Huntingdon County website at www.huntingdoncounty.net. Also included are write-in candidates who have made their intentions known to The Daily News.

Huntingdon Area

The Huntingdon Area School District’s primary election race appears to be void of contest, with a total of five seats up for grabs while only two candidates filed to appear on the ballot.

There is one seat open in Region 1; no candidates will appear on ballots.

In Region 2, there are two seats open and only one candidate — Britney Rutter — who will appear only on the Republican ballot.

In Region 3, there are two open seats; one for a four-year term and the one for a two-year term. Ryan Wetzel has cross-filed in his bid to seek the four-year seat.

Region 1 includes the following areas: Jackson, Miller and Oneida townships plus Districts 1, 5 and 6 in Huntingdon Borough.

Region 2 encompasses the following: Brandy and Henderson townships, Mill Creek Borough and Districts 2, 3 and 4 in Huntingdon Borough.

Region 3 includes: Smithfield, Walker, Juniata, Penn and Lincoln townships and Marklesburg Borough.

Juniata Valley

Votes in the Juniata Valley School District have five seats to fill for the 2021 election cycle and, in Tuesday’s primary race, five candidates are vying for those seats.

Shelley Houck, Kimberly Diggins have both cross-filed. Dennis Johnson, Lori Hawn and Timothy Diehl are all seeking the Republican nomination.

Houck, Diggins, Johnson and Diehl are all incumbents.

JVSD serves the municipalities of Alexandria and Petersburg boroughs and Porter, Barree, Logan, West, Morris and Spruce Creek townships.

Mount Union Area

There are a total of four seats for voters to weigh in on during this election cycle within the Mount Union Area School District.

The district three regions encompass the following municipalities:

— Region 1: In Huntingdon County, Mapleton Borough; in Mifflin County, Wayne Township and Kistler and Newton Hamilton boroughs.

— Region 2: Mount Union Borough

— Region 3: Shirley and Union townships and Shirleysburg Borough.

In Region, there is one seat open and incumbent Duane Gearhart is seeking the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s primary.

In Region 2, there is one seat open but no candidates filed to appear on the primary ballot.

Region 3 represents the school district’s only contested race for the primary. Incumbents Linda McClure and Andrea Christoff have both cross-filed while challenger Jamie Inch is seeking the Republican nomination. In addition, there is a joint write-in campaign afoot in Region 3, launched by Kathy Hawk of Shirley Township and Melissa Henry of Shirleysburg Borough.

All seats come with a four-year term.

Southern Huntingdon

The Southern Huntingdon County School District is composed of three regions:

— Western: Cass and Clay townships.

— Central: Cromwell and Springfield townships and Three Springs Borough.

— Eastern: Dublin and Tell townships and Orbisonia, Rockhill and Shade Gap boroughs.

For this election cycle, the Western Region has one seat on the ballot. Two candidates — incumbent Angela Watkins and Gary Clark Jr. — are seeking nomination in Tuesday’s primary. Watkins has cross-filed and Clark will appear on just the Republican ballot.

There are two seats for voters in the Central Region to decide upon and one candidate — incumbent Frank Hooper — appears on both Republican and Democrat ballots in theprimary.

Eastern Region voters have one seat to fill. One candidate — Nicole Reasner — will appear on the Republican ballot in Tuesday’s Primary.

All seats entail a four-year term.

Tussey Mountain

On the Huntingdon County side of the Tussey Mountain School District there are two seats open in Region 1 and one seat open in Region 3. Both seats are for a four-year term on the board.

In Region 1, incumbent and board vice president Harry Watkins has cross-filed in his bid for one of the two seats.

There are no candidates appearing on the ballot for the lone Region 3 seat.

Region 1 covers Carbon, Todd and Wood townships and Broad Top City, Dudley and Coalmont boroughs.

Region 3 covers Hopewell Township, plus two Bedford County municipalities: Liberty Township and Saxton Borough.

Tyrone Area

Voters in the Tyrone Area School School District, which serves one Huntingdon County municipality — Warriors Mark — have four four-year seats to fill this year. Three candidates will appear on the ballot.

For Tuesday’s primary election, Rose Black and Gunter Volders have both cross-filed and Kristan Wyland is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Black is the board’s current president and the only incumbent on the ballot.

Rebecca can be reached at dnews@huntingdondailynews.com.


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