Cromwell Twp.

Cromwell Township Supervisors, from the left, Ken Leidy, Jeremy Young and Kenny Wilson presented a plaque to Estal Fleck in honor of his father Lewis Fleck’s 20 years of service to the township as a supervisor during their annual reorganization meeting Monday.

The supervisors of Cromwell Township paid respects to a former supervisor at Monday’s meeting with a presentation of a plaque in honor of 20 years of service from Lewis Fleck.

“He has done a lot for Cromwell Township and a lot for the community, and everybody knows Lewis in the community. We felt that he really deserves this,” said Supervisor Kenny Wilson.

The supervisors presented the plaque to Fleck’s son, Estal, in his absence.

“The main reason he ran for supervisors was to get the weight limits off of the road. He was a trucker, and he said if the roads won’t hold up, we’ll make them so they will,” said E. Fleck.

“He is one of the nicest and friendliest, down-to-earth people you’d ever meet. He would do anything for anybody. If you asked him a question, he would find you an answer,” said Buddy Cohenour. “He is a good man, and he just never got the recognition that he should have.”

After nearly a decade since Fleck resigned from his position of supervisor, the current supervisors and secretary Dave Brenneman took it upon themselves to send recognition where it is due.

“We were discussing the problems of the township in the past, and we decided he deserved this. If anybody who served a township for 20 years would deserve this, he did. So I called an ordered the plaque,” said Brenneman.

The supervisors also held their reorganization meeting Monday, which resulted in Ken Leidy retaining the role of board chairman, and Jeremy Young as vice chairman.

Brenneman was appointed to retain his roles as secretary, treasurer and emergency management coordinator. Leidy and Brenneman were also appointed to continue in their positions as township roadmasters.

Rich Wilson was appointed to retain his role as solicitor, as well as Stiffler and McGraw to continue as the township engineers.

Jamie Catanese was selected to be the sewage enforcement officer, and Polly Greybill was selected as the alternate. Steve Price was selected to the vacancy board.

The township will continue to share the Real Estate Transfer Tax with Southern Huntingdon County School District with one half of one percent.

The board set the wages for the secretary/treasurer, road crew, and emergency management coordinator at $15 per hour.

The board selected to keep the current meeting dates and times the same for 2019 at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month at the township building.

During the regular meeting portion, the supervisors approved the minutes from the Dec. 3 regular meeting as well as the Dec. 19 special meeting. They also approved the current list of bills and financial reports.

In the secretary’s report, Brenneman reported Patrick Horne was granted a permit to build an additional garage on his property.

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