A summer tradition returned to Huntingdon Thursday as the Friends of the Huntingdon County Library opened their first book sale since 2019.

Last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic, but book fans will have even more opportunities to add to their collection this year, as a second book sale is being planned next month. The first sale of the summer opened Thursday and will continue from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Huntingdon County Library on Penn Street in Huntingdon Borough.

The friends are excited to be able to offer the sale this year.

“It’s really important for us every time we are able to hold this,” said Jennifer Cowher. “The books that we do not sell will all be donated to Goodwill.”

Books of all genres are available for $2 for hardbacks and $1 for paperbacks, with children only having to pay half of those prices. Saturday is the “bag sale,” where visitors can fill up a bag with their selections for only $5. In the past, the library has held book sales at Juniata College but chose not to during the pandemic.

“We get thousands of book donations from individuals all year long when they stop by,” said Cowher. “It’s always appreciated, and these sales give us a chance to make more room for more books.”

In addition to the public, other local libraries often stop by to see what titles they can get for their shelves.

“We’ve had Alexandria and Mount Union stop in the past. Even the librarian at the jail usually comes by,” said Cowher.

The sale often brings several new visitors to the library that have never been there before. Cowher says that they often hand out more library cards during the sales.

“It’s a great way to come in and visit,” said Cowher. “It helps ensure that your money stays local. We’ve had a bunch of people tell us to keep the change and that’s been terrific.”

Cowher says that the money the library has been bringing in from the sales has decreased slightly, due to not as many attending.

“We hope to see it come back up as things keep opening up,” said Cowher. “We’ll be having another sale in July with an all new selection to choose from.”

Details on the July sale will be forthcoming.

Jordan can be reached at dnews@huntingdondailynews.com.


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