The Peebles in Huntingdon Plaza will be closing in early 2020 and will be converted into a Gordmans. Gordmans is an off-price retailer, offering lower prices compared to department stores. Peebles and Gordmans fall under their parent company, Stage.

The department store Peebles in Huntingdon Plaza will be converted into a Gordmans store in early 2020.

Both Peebles and Gordmans fall under their parent company, Stage, and its community of stores.

The decision to make the change came about because consumers were responding so positively to Gordmans across the country.

“Stage is converting a number of its Peebles stores to Gordmans because consumers are responding to Gordmans’ off-price offerings,” said Blakeley Graham, a manager and brand publicist at Stage. “Gordmans is an off-price retailer, which means that it has a wide array of merchandise for the entire family at the lowest possible prices compared to department store prices.”

The Peebles in Huntingdon isn’t the only store that is converting. Gordmans will see a considerable increase in stores by the end of the year.

“Stage has opened 74 Gordmans this year; by the end of 2019, there will be over 150 Gordmans stores across the country,” said Graham.

The store has new merchandise deliveries arriving weekly, including popular name brand apparel, home décor, footwear, gifts, accessories, fragrances and more.

Graham says that the transition from Peebles to Gordmans will be a fast one.

“The converting Peebles store will close in the days leading up to the Gordmans grand opening,” said Graham.

The conversion from Peebles to Gordmans should take less than two weeks.

Peebles is currently holding a store closing sale.

Peebles opened in the Huntingdon Plaza in Smithfield Township in November 2003, and prior to that, it was an Ames.

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