Walker Township was awarded more than $30,000 in grant funding Friday to create a plan that will expand the coverage area of its current sewage network. The grant comes from the state’s Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) Sewage Facilities Program. The funding will allow the township to bring sewage services to more community members.

Chairman of the Walker Township Supervisors Joe Harford said he’s very happy to be receiving this funding.

“I think it’s a great thing because we live in a rural area, and it’s important for local government to take action to improve the overall health and welfare of all residents,” said Harford. “This is what government is meant to do.”

Harford says that supervisors will likely discuss the timeframe for crafting the plan at their next regular meeting in December. The total funding being granted is $31,037. The grant will allow officials to evaluate existing public sewers and small flow facilities, before creating a framework for expansion.

“The purpose of the funds is to allow us to develop a plan to expand those services to residents who aren’t on that system today,” said Harford.

This grant was obtained through a collaboration between township supervisors, State Sen. Judy Ward and State Rep. Rich Irvin.

“This project demonstrates Walker Township’s commitment to protecting the environment through proper sewage disposal and clean water maintenance,” said Ward. “By undertaking this planning effort now, the township will be well positioned to address current wastewater problems, as well as prepare the community for future needs and demands resulting from growth and development.”

Irvin says that by developing this plan now, the township will be in a better position to obtain funding through the recently passed federal infrastructure bill.

“It is important municipalities and authorities begin planning for the federal infrastructure bill that just passed. This funding will help Walker Township meet that goal and keep up with its growing local infrastructure demands,” said Irvin in a press release Friday.

Harford says that he and the other supervisors are incredibly grateful for the work done by Irvin and Ward’s staff members to obtain this funding.

“We’re thankful for this cooperation between state and municipal government,” said Harford.

Haldan can be reached at hkirsch@huntingdondailynews.com.


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