Edward Juad Arida


A Greensburg man is sitting in the Huntingdon County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail after leading state police on a chase that reached speeds of in excess of 100 mph and for allegedly trying to ram a patrol vehicle.

Edward Juad Arida, 23, is charged with attempting to cause bodily injury to a designated individual, namely state Trooper Christopher Roland from the Hollidaysburg station. Arida was arraigned Tuesday morning by Magisterial District Judge Lisa Covert.

Arida is scheduled for preliminary arraignment Wednesday, Dec. 1, on the above charge and for fleeing or attempting to elude officers, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and over 120 traffic code violations.

Trooper Cory Kylor, state police at Huntingdon, reports he was running radar on Birmingham Pike (Route 453) in Morris Township around 7:50 p.m. Nov. 22, when he observed a maroon Subaru Impreza headed south at a speed of 70 mph in a 40-mph zone.

In the criminal complaint, Kylor reports he followed the vehicle toward Route 22 and watched the Subaru make a right turn without stopping at a red signal. Kylor, too, started traveling west on Route 22 and attempted a traffic stop on the Subaru. The driver immediately accelerated to speeds over 100 mph, Kylor said.

The chase continued west on Route 22. For the duration of the pursuit, Kylor said he observed multiple traffic violations and that pursuit intervention techniques were employed to stop the Subaru but failed.

Kylor said Trooper Roland joined the pursuit from the east, at which point the Subaru’s driver swerved into the path of Roland’s marked patrol vehicle and tried to strike him while traveling near 100 mph.

The Subaru passed Roland and began moving very slow in the eastbound lane, Kylor reported. Kylor then used another pursuit intervention technique and succeeded in pinning the Subaru to the guide rail, thus bringing it to a stop.

Police say Arida was the sole occupant and was pulled from the Subaru after failing to comply with the troopers’ commands to exit the vehicle. Police say closed fist strikes were used by Kylor to gain further compliance from Arida.

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