A restaurant liquor license public hearing scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Monday, May 3, is merely a formality to approve something that Huntingdon Borough Council members already approved earlier this year.

The meeting will be held in council chambers.

The liquor license is listed under 708 Washington St. Inc., which was purchased by Michele Shovlin last August for $46,500 at a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board auction, and to transfer it for use in the borough, a public hearing must be held to officially transfer the license.

“This is the not the first time it’s going to be considered,” said Huntingdon Borough manager Dan Varner. “(The PLCB) didn’t tell anyone how it was to be done, just that the borough had to approve it. We were told we had to have a resolution, so we had a resolution and it was passed at a previous meeting.”

Huntingdon Borough Council members approved the license transfer, originally from Franklin Township, in February.

Varner noted though it was approved, they didn’t go through the motions of having a public hearing, so the PLCB won’t officially transfer the license.

In February, The Daily News reported that Shovlin told Huntingdon Borough Council members the license is to go to Big Belly Deli, and the plan is for the restaurant to gain the ability to serve alcohol to customers in the near future.

Varner said they are willing to do what it takes, and he doesn’t expect any objections to the transfer, since it was discussed at previous public meetings.

“There’s already a poster in the window at (Big Belly Deli) noting this is where the license is going to go, this is just a formality,” said Varner.

To have a restaurant liquor license, an establishment must be at least have 400 square foot in a building, food and seating for at least 30 people and would be for someone who owns a beverage and wants to sell malted or brewed beverages as well as wine by the glass.

Kylie can be reached at khawn@huntingdondailynews.com.


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