Project Bloomtown

The fourth year of Project Bloomtown kicked off with hanging flower baskets on Washington and Penn streets Monday afternoon. Those who helped with hanging up baskets included, from the left, Angie Sneath, Pam Grugan, Tinka Berger, Eddie Crader and Willis Sneath.

When people feel weary and tired of recent events, they look to reminders of hope, no matter how big or small they are.

For those driving through Huntingdon Borough, particularly on Washington and Penn streets and parts of Allegheny Street, that reminder will be in the form of flowers hanging from shepherd’s hooks once again, as Project Bloomtown will help beautify the streets for the fourth year.

As part of a project to help spruce up Huntingdon Borough for the 250th anniversary celebration in 2017, inspired by the hanging baskets seen in Allensville in neighboring Mifflin County, Project Bloomtown was created to help beautify the borough.

The project, thanks to the donors and volunteers, is is once again under the direction of Pam Grugan.

This year, there will be a total of 44 baskets hung in the borough, and new flowers have been added to the mix.

“We typically have begonias,” said Grugan. “But, this year, we wanted to try two new plants — petunias and geraniums — to see how they would fare in the sun.”

Baskets will also be hung at Isett Community Pool this year, thanks to the sponsorship of Blue Moon Forge and Farm, said Grugan.

The hooks were constructed by local blacksmith Dave Berger of Blue Moon Forge.

Because of recent events, Grugan was unsure if they would be able to do this, but they did receive enough funds to hang the baskets for the summer, but they still need funds to replace the flowers with mums for this fall.

Additionally, because the Huntingdon Drop-In Center is closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they are unable to volunteer to help with watering flowers.

“We are still looking for volunteers to water during the week and on weekends,” said Grugan. “We also didn’t get enough to purchase mums for the fall, so we’re taking donations for the mums.”

The flowers were once again provided by Weaver the Florist and Gifts, thanks to owner Angela Sneath.

Grugan said she is happy to be able to do this another year, even when times are tough.

“I’m grateful to those who have hung flowers and those who have made donations,” she said. “We hope that these flowers will bring a spirit of hopefulness for a healthy future.”

If anyone wants to inquire about being a volunteer or sponsor a hanging basket for Project Bloomtown, Grugan encourages people to contact her at

Additionally, if anyone wants to make a donation to Project Bloomtown, they can write a check in the name of Huntingdon Borough and put Project Bloomtown in the memo line.

Kylie can be reached at


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