Hot temps, rain expected this week

The lyrics to the classic Irving Berlin song, “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave,” will certainly be the case for the weather for this week.

Thanks to a high pressure system moving off to the east, a ridge of hot air will move into the area later this week, and couple that with tropical moisture from the remnants of Barry, the three H’s — hazy, hot and humid, will dominate the forecast.

“The humidity will increase Tuesday afternoon,” said John Banghoff, meteorologist with the National Weather Service bureau in State College. “We’re going to start bumping back up to the dog days of summer. Basically, we’re getting a ridge of warm air that allows much warmer conditions to move up from the south. That would explain temperatures in the mid-90s this week. The moisture from the tropical system will allow the humidity to be high.”

“As we head into Thursday and Friday, the heat index will push up to close to 100 degrees, so the heat will definitely be on as we head into the weekend,” he added.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s, then Thursday and Friday, temperatures will be in the 90s and will be close to 100 degrees by Saturday.

“It’s expected to last through Saturday, and even Sunday, it sort of continues,” said Banghoff. “By Monday, it will start to cool off a little bit more, but Saturday looks to be the warmest day. In the Huntingdon area, it will be right around or a little above 100 degrees.”

The remnants of now Tropical Storm Barry will impact the area, but Banghoff said rainfall amounts won’t be tremendously high.

“It will affect the area Wednesday and Thursday, bringing heavy rain to Pennsylvania, especially areas in the northern and western part of the state, but we could still see some heavy rain in the area,” said Banghoff. “The risk of flooding is there, but at this point, we’re not particularly concerned. We could get around an inch of rain, which isn’t enough to cause some flooding issues.”

The warmest temperatures so far this summer will end by Sunday night, as a cold front will come through the area, bringing more precipitation into the area, added Banghoff.

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