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The studio and sales office of Hunny 103.5 in Ardenheim recently closed. Hunny’s signal has merged with WOWY 97.1 in State College.

The oldies radio station studio and sales office of Hunny 103.5, which broadcasted out of Huntingdon, recently closed its doors.

Hunny fans won’t need to worry, though. As far as the type of programming is concerned, there won’t be much of an adjustment.

Jim Loftus, the chief operating officer for Seven Mountains Media, the company Hunny operated under, said “the company has had great success in the past merging smaller radio stations together to make superstations covering a larger area.”

Hunny’s signal on 103.5 has merged with WOWY 97.1 in State College, and will also now be on 97.7 and 1150 AM.

The same values will be present in the new programming Huntingdon County listeners have come to expect.

“The music is basically unchanged,” said Loftus. “Our Huntingdon clients benefit by basically getting State College thrown in, and the same goes for the State College side of the equation getting Huntingdon.”

The change came about to create a better end result, said Loftus.

“We had a small office in Huntingdon, and we realized that those resources would be better deployed on more people and advanced technology. We think that the end result is a better radio station,” he said. “By putting our resources together we have live, local talent like Real Deal Bob Steele, Roni-Lyn, market pro Roger Corey and Captain Kranch, which makes for a bigger, better brand.”

These types of mergers are not uncommon in the radio business.

“Changes to radio stations and their names happen all the time, and it’s often a painful process. You often have to rebuild an audience from scratch, but this will be a smooth transition,” said Ken Holtzinger, director of sales for Seven Mountains Media.

No one lost their job during the signal merger.

Huntingdon Countdy resident and DJ Rick Hamilton, formerly of Hunny, will also continue to work for Seven Mountains Media’s country station, Big Foot Country, in Lewistown, on 92.5 and 106.3.

“Hunny was a great station. We still plan to be as engaged in the area as much as before though, if not more. There will be four people on air for folks in the Huntingdon area to engage with. We’re excited to remain a part of the community,” said Holtzinger.

Seven Mountains Media is also looking to bring car shows to Huntingdon from which they’ll broadcast live.

Though many may be sad to see it go, the spirit of Hunny 103.5 will still be riding the airwaves, just under a different name.

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