Members of the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center (HCCTC) Joint Operating Committee (JOC) heard a complaint from an adult student regarding the CDL program at the monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

Craig Cresswell, an adult student in the CDL class, said he withdrew from the class June 27 because of safety issues, and he wanted a full refund for the class, despite a policy that indicates there are no refunds.

“I signed an agreement that the equipment would be ready and available to use,” he said. “The truck was not inspected, and the trailer was not registered and licensed. We could only use it for a little bit of maneuvering. The instructor didn’t demonstrate how to operator the truck until we went out on the road June 22.

“We were put in a situation where people could have been injured and damages could have occurred,” Cresswell added.

Cresswell said he wanted a full refund because the school didn’t “fulfill their contract” by not having equipment ready.

“The truck was not inspected until the second week of class,” he said. “I feel the school failed in having a proper course set up. We were put on the road with a 48-foot trailer with no experience behind the wheel. I feel I should have a full refund. If this isn’t hte case, I will be filing a suit in court.”

Andrew Ketner, JOC board member and vice president, said his issues will be addressed, but they could not address it at Tuesday’s meeting since it wasn’t an agenda item.

HCCTC executive director Don Burd added that it will likely be an agenda item at the JOC board meeting in September.

In building expansion news, Burd told JOC members USDA has officially given the final approval for the project to move forward.

“We need to schedule a meeting with architects, building contractors and USDA officials,” he said. “We hope to schedule that within the next two weeks and move on from there.”

An agreement between HCCTC Education and Support Professionals Association and the JOC, or the union agreement, was also approved, and business assistant to the director LaVonda Runk and practical nursing coordinator Jessica McCorkle will also receive 2.5% raises.

A $500 per month stipend for maintenance supervisor David Carolus was approved for the duration of the building expansion project, and Stephanie Stains was granted a Family Medical Leave Act request.

In program offering news, the state Department of Education has officially approved the new program, which administrators recommend be called sports, exercise and rehabilitation therapy.

“I know we discussed the name of the program and have gone back and forth, but we thought a good name for it would be sports, exercise and rehabilitation therapy,” he said. “It covers all aspects of the program. If you look through the task lists of the program, one third of it relates to sports injuries. That’s our recommendation for the program.

This new program — rehabilitaiton aide, locally, like to call it, discuss it back and forth, a good name, sports, exercise and rehabilitation therapy, covers all aspects of the program, look through task lists, 1/3 related to sports injuries, sports, rehabiltiation therapy is a good name for it, that’s our recommendation is for the program.

“We found 18 other programs like it in the state, and 16 out of 18 have sports or exercise in the name, so it’s not anything new we’re doing,” Burd added.

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