Members of the Joint Operating Committee (JOC) of the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center (HCCTC) approved the resignation of its executive director at their monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

According to an article published in The Bedford Gazette, Burd accepted a position in the Everett Area School District as assistant principal for the middle and high schools Aug. 19 with an annual pay of $70,000.

Superintendent of record Michael Zinobile said Burd will remain at HCCTC until a replacement for his position is found to aid with any transition that is needed.

Zinobile added Burd tendered his resignation with HCCTC in late August, but as per his contract, they can hold him for 60 days, or until late October.

Burd has been employed with HCCTC since August 2013. He was not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

In expansion project news, Earl Martin was approved to be resident inspector for the project for 12 weeks, much to the surprise of maintenance supervisor David Carolus, who had been filling that role.

“I know that on all of the paperwork, I was listed as building inspector,” he said. “I didn’t know this was changing.”

Board member Andrea Christoff said board members were under the impression Carolus was comfortable with the of resident building inspector while fulfilling his regular obligations as maintenance supervisor.

“I wasn’t, but I didn’t know about this decision (to hire someone else for 12 weeks),” said Carolus. “I’m willing to do whatever anyone needs me or wants me to do, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing both.”

Zinobile said Martin will answer to assistant executive director Michael Douglas during the course of the 12 weeks he’s employed.

Board members, with no comment, also accepted the agreement between the HCCTC support and education professionals and JOC, or the union contract, at Tuesday’s board meeting.

In a 5-3 vote, board members approved 2.5% salary increases for the business assistant to the director, business office assistant and JOC/director’s secretary.

Board members Tammy Peterson, Michael Brown and Shelley Houck voted against the increase.

In other business, board members approved:

— the practical nursing budget for $346,147, effective Oct. 1.

— salary increase for the practical nursing coordinator effective Oct. 1.

— family and medical leave for an employee, effective Aug. 5.

— the 2019-20 substitute list.

— Brittany Magill as part-time nurse aide instructor.

— Erika Brown and Kayla Smith as substitute instructors for practical nursing and secondary programs.

— health science program cooperating agency agreements, including Cradle to Krayons, Shirley Home for the Aged, Penn Highlands Huntingdon, Westminster Woods, Huntingdon County Child & Adult Development Corp., Fulton County Medical Center, AristaCare at Huntingdon Park, Broad Top Area Medical Center Inc. and AristaCare at Woodland Park. Board member Andrew Ketner abstained from voting for this measure.

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