Members of the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center (HCCTC) Joint Operating Committee (JOC) approved a request for the Everett Area School District to purchase a MacBook and iPad used by former executive director Don Burd at the monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

According to Michael Zinobile, superintendent of record for HCCTC, the school district said they would purchase the equipment for $750.

“The MacBook was seven to eight years old, and the iPad was three to four years old,” said Zinobile. “We feel we can use that to get something comparable for (new executive director) Tony Payne.”

Many JOC board members thought the request was odd, and board president Aden Russell questioned if Burd would still have access to items which he no longer needs access.

“Selling the device doesn’t have any baring on his access (to logins and other sensitive information),” said Huntingdon Area School District Superintendent Fred Foster. “There’s still a lot of transition, but we don’t have any reason to cut him off from the information immediately.”

HCCTC assistant executive director Michael Douglas pointed out that he’s been named the administrator on a lot of accounts, like security accounts and other things where Burd would no longer need access.

JOC board member Lucinda Dell asked why the Everett Area School District is purchasing the equipment, but Zinobile and Foster said they don’t really know.

“It’s an odd request, but as long as the information can be wiped on it, that would be OK,” said JOC board member Shelley Houck.

Foster suggested allowing Burd to access anything he needs on the computer, and once he has all of the files he needs, the computer can be wiped by an IT person from any of the sending districts before giving the equipment to Everett Area School District.

New executive director Tony Payne also had a request to do something as part of his doctoral work at the California University of Pennsylvania that may ultimately benefit HCCTC.

“I’m about two-thirds of the way through getting my doctorate, and instead of doing a dissertation, I am actually doing a research project,” he said. “I chose to start a pre-apprenticeship program through the Youth Forestry Camp, and I had the approval process already started, but now, it’s pretty much null and void.

“After speaking with the committee chair at (California University of Pennsylvania), I think we can try that sort of project here, as it’s set up based on a career and tech program.”

Payne explained the pre-apprenticeship program is trying to find a business partner that would take a small group of students working in a particular program offered at HCCTC to work with them under this program, then after they graduate and get any certifications needed, these students would have a job with that company. The students could either be high school or adult students.

“There’s quite a bit of work involved with getting something like this started, but the first step is getting approval,” said Payne.

The request was approved by JOC members.

Zinobile also asked JOC members what they should do with extra equipment that sending districts may be interested in, as members advised them to let sending districts look at it before anything is sold at auction.

This equipment is no longer needed by the welding department, and Zinobile said they wanted to get rid of any extra equipment before they move to the current collision repair department, as collision repair will be moving to the new building when it’s completed.

“We didn’t know if you wanted the districts to pay for them, or if you wanted to give it to them,” said Zinobile.

JOC members said they have no issues with giving away the equipment sending districts are interested in, but want to make sure it is legal to do so.

Douglas said some of the equipment that’s no longer needed includes hand tools, drill indexes, a pedestal grinder and other items.

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